Monday, January 18, 2016

Our 2016 Renovations - Flooring Installation(Day 15) @Lowes #2350

Today we had representatives from both @Lowes and the Hugo from All American Flooring do a home visit.  My husband is the most honest man you will ever meet.  He is a good man both inside and out.  As you can imagine, It was very difficult to hear insinuations from the contractor that my husband was being untruthful or less than forthright.  

We walked through each room pointing out our issues with the workmanship.  I'm not sure what can be done about the incorrect width of the grout lines, our contract calls for 1/8".

It became clear to me very quickly that he believed his workers and nothing that we had to say would convince him otherwise.  He discounted most of our concerns as trivial nonsense.  We just want the work completed.    We did not hire All American Flooring company, we hired @Lowes.

In the end, Hugo from All American Flooring promised to send another crew who would take the time to complete our floors & backsplashes. All we want is someone to take the necessary time to do the job right.  After they left,  I ordered copies of video surveillance from our security company of the whole walk through to keep in my files.

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