Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our 2016 Renovations - Flooring Installation(Day 22) @Lowes #2350

Today, two new guys from All American Floors Inc., Greg and Nick arrived around 1:30pm to complete our floors.  They completed the grout on the section of my livingroom floors that were missed. 
They later sent me to Lowes for an additional bag of silver grout for my kitchen, the other crew wasted it by incorrectly putting it into one of bathrooms and then having to dig it up to put in the correct color grout.  After they finished the grout they left to allow the floor to dry before moving my furniture.

While I was at Lowes, I signed the contract to have our new garbage disposal installed.  We will likely have that done mid February.  We don't want to add anything else until this flooring company completes their work.

All American Floors Inc graciously arranged for Stanley Steemer to come on Thursday to clean up the mess on my furniture left by the previous flooring crew. 

I am cautiously optimistic where Greg and Nick are concerned.  They weren't talking on their cellphones with girlfriends and wives the whole time while working nor were their cigarette butts thrown all over my lawn as it was with the last crew from All American Floors Inc.  

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