Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Our 2016 Renovations - Flooring Installation(Day 10) @Lowes #2350

Today started out encouraging and ended up disappointing.  Why am I not surprised with the absolute most undependable contractors @Lowes ever employed! We are on day 10 of what should have been a one week job!

Hubby and I started early wiping down walls in our kitchen and living room.  The dust from their botched job is everywhere, we'll be breathing this crap for a long time to come :/

One of the crew showed at 9:00am, and only one of the other two showed.  By 3:00, we were down to just one guy, Lance and he is the slowest of all three.  He was actually going to lay the wrong tile in the bathroom, thank goodness Hubby caught him before he started! Come On! Read your work orders!

They completed laying tiles in the kitchen,
laundry room
and master bath floor.  

They still have to do our master bedroom, the grouting on half of my house, as well as the two backsplashes.


  1. Have you called Lowe's, complained, going up their supervisor list? I sure would've.

    You poor guys.

    1. We call Lowe's several times a day since day one. I'm giving the local store the opportunity to make this right. Otherwise I will work my way up to corporate.


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