Monday, January 4, 2016

Our 2016 Renovations - Flooring Installation(Day 1)

Today began our anticipated flooring installation.  We will be removing all the carpeting throughout our house & replacing it with ceramic.  The two man crew arrived at 10:00am and began ripping out the old flooring.

They quickly moved furniture out of the livingroom/den and began tearing up the old carpeting.  One thing no one warned us about, DUST!  We never observed anyone installing ceramic tiles and had absolutely no idea the amount of dust that comes from the installation.  By the time they began laying down the tiles, our kitchen and diningroom looked like this!  

Why couldn't they warn us? We had plenty coverings we could have used without little effort.



  1. I gotta say, that is pretty unconscionable that they didn't not just warn you, but cover everything with plastic tarp tied down. They sure did when working in our remodel. I'm so sorry. :(

  2. So sorry.....they should have warned you! The only consolation's going to look AMAZING!!!


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