Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Big Changes in 2016 @Lowes

My blog normally focuses on healthy eating or traveling but the beginning New Years 2016, I will be covering our massive home renovations being done by @Lowes.  #Renovations  will include:

*painting all the walls (DIY)
*replacing all the carpeting and linoleum tile in our entire house (@Lowes)
*adding a back splash in the kitchen.  (@Lowes)
*adding a back splash surrounding our master tub.(@Lowes)
*installing a new dishwasher (@Lowes)
*installing a new garbage disposal (@Lowes)

Many people have asked why we went with a big box store like @Lowes instead a smaller company.  Our thoughts were we are going to be spending a great deal of money just on the materials to convert our tile and carpeting into new wood plank ceramic tile.  If we hire a small DIY firm and they do substandard work and then don't stand behind their work, then we would have to pay to replace those tiles.  Having @Lowes do the work is like have a large contracting company who will oversee the work and make sure it's done correctly.  We just felt better letting Lowes handle all the contractors.

So far the experience has been mixed.  First we made an appointment with @Lowes to have measurements taken of our home.  Marcy from American Flooring arrived and asked many questions to fully understand everything we wanted done.  She was very efficient and professional.  Then we choose our tiles, we met with Greg in the flooring department who patiently assisted us with ordering everything we needed.  He later called us with estimates and we signed contracts for the floor work.  

We were then handed over to their installation production department.  They are our point of contact with the various contractors.  

We have completed painting all the inside walls with paint purchased from #Lowes. My next post will cover the installation of our new @GE dishwasher. #homeremodeling 

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