Monday, April 6, 2015

Planning ahead for Easter Weekend

My strategy for handling Easter this year seemed to work well.  I bought absolutely no treats of any kind until the day before.  I ate my planned treats and then gave the rest away to relatives.  Last night I actually threw away some that I found leftover in my freezer.  I still don't trust myself so I walked outside and threw it in the bottom of my huge can.  Done....over...finished..roll credits!

Today, I will try to keep vigilant for any signs of carb cravings as a result.  I also need to log my water intake, I fell very short of my water goals this past weekend.

Looking over my upcoming week I see no challenges that would keep me from reaching my goals of eating healthy & working out.

So there it is, my primary concentration for the week ...low carb, increased water intake


  1. Who is that wise women? Who is throwing the leftovers? Keep it up Dee you did very great!

    I just think it's too bad we are not neighbor... maybe I could have get my hand on some of those treats, NOT! LOL

  2. Primary Concentration sounds good .......

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan


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