Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Weigh-In & Traveling

Last Weeks Weight 176.5
Today's Weight  175.0
Total :  -1.5 lb

It hard to get too excited about my weight-loss this week.  I am right back to where I began at the first of year.

04/10/2015  175.0
04/06/2015  175.0

04/03/2015  176.5
03/31/2015  175.0
03/27/2015  175.5
03/25/2015  177.0
03/20/2015  177.5
03/18/2015  177.5
03/17/2015  180.5
03/12/2015  176.0
03/11/2015  177.0
03/06/2015  177.5
02/28/2015  178.0
02/20/2015  175.5
01/31/2015  174.5
01/22/2015  176.0
01/06/2015  175.0
01/02/2015  175.0
I began the year doing great, but 3 cruises, a trip to Vegas and 3 family birthdays later and my willpower left the building.  Hubby and I are huge travelers.  If I am to have any sustainable results on my path to healthy, I need to work on controlling my eating and alcohol consumption on trips.  Traveling is a permanent part of our life and I cannot seem to stay on track during this time.  I make all types of promises to myself and then I get caught up in the "carefree-party" atmosphere of vacation and it disappears.

We have 3 more huge vacations during this year and I am struggling between wanting to forget about the all this weight-loss crap and live for the moment during these wonderful trips & not wanting to keep bouncing along the same numbers on the scale.  I need to find a balance.



  1. You need to give yourself a break! You have maintained/fluctuated between about 5 pounds through 3 CRUISES… I would have put on a lot of weight. I would say your willpower is VERY HIGH! Humans can fluctuate up to 5 pounds a day just in water weight. Good to realize that it may become a problem if not contained, but you are doing great.

    1. After I wrote that post, I wondered the same thing. Why can't I just rejoice in the fact that I have maintained? It's my whole hurry up and finish attitude but truth is we're never finished lol

  2. It's amazing how hard we are on ourselves. I look at all the vacations you've been on and think "Wow - it's amazing she didn't gain any wait!" And of course I am jealous as hell because I would have loved to take all those vacations. :) I agree with you that balance is the key. Personally, sometimes I'll go on vacations and not gain anything, but then I come back with a vacation mentality and gain after I'm home. I'm not sure how tall you are, but you look beautiful in your profile picture. I would love to weigh 175lbs.

    1. I'm 5'3 Bonnie and I do have so many blessings in my life. Hubby & I save furiously for travel, it's our hobby of sorts..we're constantly on lookout for travel bargains. After being overweight most of my adult life,I still need to work on self esteem issues. Thanks for giving me perspective, I really feel better ;)

  3. So you went on cruises you float some pounds but now you sink them... Just remember... All aboard! is not about gaining weight, there is salad and all kind of healthy choices in those cruise too :)

    1. I do usually choose the fish but it's usually wine & martini's that add to my weight gain ;)

  4. It is a weight loss though so be pleased.

    I'm sure you can eat well and wisely when you are away ....... just drink a little more wisely too.

    Onwards and downwards

    All the best Jan

  5. Hi K.D. hope my earlier comment came through ok ?

    Well Done on your weight loss.

    All the best Jan


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