Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Weigh-In & Traveling

Last Weeks Weight 176.5
Today's Weight  175.0
Total :  -1.5 lb

It hard to get too excited about my weight-loss this week.  I am right back to where I began at the first of year.

04/10/2015  175.0
04/06/2015  175.0

04/03/2015  176.5
03/31/2015  175.0
03/27/2015  175.5
03/25/2015  177.0
03/20/2015  177.5
03/18/2015  177.5
03/17/2015  180.5
03/12/2015  176.0
03/11/2015  177.0
03/06/2015  177.5
02/28/2015  178.0
02/20/2015  175.5
01/31/2015  174.5
01/22/2015  176.0
01/06/2015  175.0
01/02/2015  175.0
I began the year doing great, but 3 cruises, a trip to Vegas and 3 family birthdays later and my willpower left the building.  Hubby and I are huge travelers.  If I am to have any sustainable results on my path to healthy, I need to work on controlling my eating and alcohol consumption on trips.  Traveling is a permanent part of our life and I cannot seem to stay on track during this time.  I make all types of promises to myself and then I get caught up in the "carefree-party" atmosphere of vacation and it disappears.

We have 3 more huge vacations during this year and I am struggling between wanting to forget about the all this weight-loss crap and live for the moment during these wonderful trips & not wanting to keep bouncing along the same numbers on the scale.  I need to find a balance.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finding my balance with Vitamin D

I am a true believer in getting the nutrients my body needs through eating a clean, low carb healthy diet. It has always been my goal to eat as much fresh as I can. 

During my last checkup, my bloodwork was great with one exception, it showed I was very low on Vitamin D.  I didn't really understand how it got so low since it was end of summer and I live near the water.  I swim laps several times a week each summer.  How could I not have vitamin D?  Reluctantly, I began taking vitamin D supplements.  *For the record, I do not believe in supplementation as a way of life.  I am not a health professional, this is just my viewpoint.
Before adding the supplements my vitamin D was 30, (good range is 30-100), 29 would have been deficient.  Today my bloodwork showed my vitamin D level 123, far too high.  Too much Vitamin D can cause bodies to absorb too much calcium which can lead to heart problems.  Soooo, I'm going to take the supplement in the winter months.  The rest of the year, I will get my vitamin D via my good friend Mr. Sun 🌞

Monday, April 6, 2015

Planning ahead for Easter Weekend

My strategy for handling Easter this year seemed to work well.  I bought absolutely no treats of any kind until the day before.  I ate my planned treats and then gave the rest away to relatives.  Last night I actually threw away some that I found leftover in my freezer.  I still don't trust myself so I walked outside and threw it in the bottom of my huge can.  Done....over...finished..roll credits!

Today, I will try to keep vigilant for any signs of carb cravings as a result.  I also need to log my water intake, I fell very short of my water goals this past weekend.

Looking over my upcoming week I see no challenges that would keep me from reaching my goals of eating healthy & working out.

So there it is, my primary concentration for the week ...low carb, increased water intake

Friday, April 3, 2015

My Not-So Good Friday Post

Last Weeks Weight 175.5
Today's Weight  176.5
Total :  +1 lbs

I was not happy with my weigh-In this week.  I worked out 6 of 7 days. I met my weeks fitness goals I set for myself.  I've been clean, healthy food choices.  So I weighed & logged it and I'm moving on.  

I've managed to avoid all the Easter treats around me, I will have one "planned" treat on Easter Sunday.

I don't see any challenges in my upcoming week and I will add bike riding on Wednesday.  

✨Happy Easter!✨

Have you ever had weigh-in's like that? You do everything right, step on the scale just doesn't reflect your commitment .......

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Perfect Easter Workout

All the Rocky fans out there will surely remember this scene in Rocky 2 when Mickey makes Rocky chase chickens for one of their workouts.  Well today I had a similar workout....except I was chasing 2 bunnies who escaped their cage.  The bunnies are Easter gifts and I was terrified they would escape my fence and I would have 2 disappointed girls.   WHEW! What a workout, and funny (now that it's over)  Hubby and I were running and sliding along the grass while they slipped our hands.   Those lil suckers were fast!

They are now safely back in they cages and I need a nap.