Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hump Day

My biggest challenge of the day was the dreaded buffet.  Ugh! I hate doing buffets more than anything.   Sometimes it's just unavoidable.  My usual plan is to add as much protein and veggies as possible.  I added liver & onions, spinach, Lima beans & fried flounder.  My downfall was mashed potatoes but thankfully, I was too full to overindulge.  I had a few bites of melon and strawberry ice cream.  I logged everything, even the ice cream.

Breakfast was a veggie omelet with added salmon.

My carbs for the day were far too high. Tomorrow I will be more aware of those carbs!

My water total was fair, but I should have drank one more.

Exercise - I walked 48 minutes.

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