Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight 177.5
Today's Weight  175.5
Total Loss:  -2 lbs

Today I was doing the Happy Dance as I stepped off the scale.  I surpassed my goal to reach my pre-cruise weight.  It basically took me 2 weeks to undo the damage from a 4 day cruise!  WOW!
My next goal I have set for myself is to reach the 160's by April 30th ~ my trip to the Bahamas and NYC.  Losing 5 pounds seems doable.
I have been doing my Friday Weigh-Ins since September 2009.  It's my way of assuring complete awareness of my health.   I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and my biggest weakness has been my ability to avoid the scale when I know I have made poor choices.  Avoiding the scale is my minds way of tricking me into thinking I have gained weight overnight.  No,  the weight did not come overnight, it was during the period when I stopped being vigil.
Without a doubt the most difficult times for my Friday Weigh-Ins are when I know I made poor choices or I am in a plateau.  Now, I force myself to look but I don't beat myself up over the results.  I tell myself to log it and move on.  It's not always easy to avoid belittling myself because I didn't have a perfect week.  But, I think it's important not to pretend it hasn't happened either.
But for today, I rejoice and thank God for a good weigh-In!


  1. Well done on your lost!

    Hey I done that too "avoiding the scale". I bought a new one at the end of January and I put it between our couch and the fridge. I just can't go to the kitchen without this reminder... needless to say, my wife is not too happy with a scale in the living room LOL

    1. That's hilarious Richard, but I'm actually thinking about putting it in front of the fridge ;)


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