Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Big Changes in 2016 @Lowes

My blog normally focuses on healthy eating or traveling but the beginning New Years 2016, I will be covering our massive home renovations being done by @Lowes.  #Renovations  will include:

*painting all the walls (DIY)
*replacing all the carpeting and linoleum tile in our entire house (@Lowes)
*adding a back splash in the kitchen.  (@Lowes)
*adding a back splash surrounding our master tub.(@Lowes)
*installing a new dishwasher (@Lowes)
*installing a new garbage disposal (@Lowes)

Many people have asked why we went with a big box store like @Lowes instead a smaller company.  Our thoughts were we are going to be spending a great deal of money just on the materials to convert our tile and carpeting into new wood plank ceramic tile.  If we hire a small DIY firm and they do substandard work and then don't stand behind their work, then we would have to pay to replace those tiles.  Having @Lowes do the work is like have a large contracting company who will oversee the work and make sure it's done correctly.  We just felt better letting Lowes handle all the contractors.

So far the experience has been mixed.  First we made an appointment with @Lowes to have measurements taken of our home.  Marcy from American Flooring arrived and asked many questions to fully understand everything we wanted done.  She was very efficient and professional.  Then we choose our tiles, we met with Greg in the flooring department who patiently assisted us with ordering everything we needed.  He later called us with estimates and we signed contracts for the floor work.  

We were then handed over to their installation production department.  They are our point of contact with the various contractors.  

We have completed painting all the inside walls with paint purchased from #Lowes. My next post will cover the installation of our new @GE dishwasher. #homeremodeling 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I've lost my way....

OMG, I have not posted since April 2015, 7 whole months!  It is never a good thing when I stop blogging for so long.  Part of it is   I've had some wonderful trips this year as well as many family moments.

Now, today, I find I am not eating as healthy as I need to.  Sugar has found its way back into my diet and I cannot allow that.  Diabetes runs rampant in my family history and limiting my sugar intake is a must if I have any hope of keeping myself from developing it.

So, its back to basics.  First step is returning to MFP and logging my foods again.  Second step is to start recording my exercise...The third step is to blog again each and every day.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Weigh-In & Traveling

Last Weeks Weight 176.5
Today's Weight  175.0
Total :  -1.5 lb

It hard to get too excited about my weight-loss this week.  I am right back to where I began at the first of year.

04/10/2015  175.0
04/06/2015  175.0

04/03/2015  176.5
03/31/2015  175.0
03/27/2015  175.5
03/25/2015  177.0
03/20/2015  177.5
03/18/2015  177.5
03/17/2015  180.5
03/12/2015  176.0
03/11/2015  177.0
03/06/2015  177.5
02/28/2015  178.0
02/20/2015  175.5
01/31/2015  174.5
01/22/2015  176.0
01/06/2015  175.0
01/02/2015  175.0
I began the year doing great, but 3 cruises, a trip to Vegas and 3 family birthdays later and my willpower left the building.  Hubby and I are huge travelers.  If I am to have any sustainable results on my path to healthy, I need to work on controlling my eating and alcohol consumption on trips.  Traveling is a permanent part of our life and I cannot seem to stay on track during this time.  I make all types of promises to myself and then I get caught up in the "carefree-party" atmosphere of vacation and it disappears.

We have 3 more huge vacations during this year and I am struggling between wanting to forget about the all this weight-loss crap and live for the moment during these wonderful trips & not wanting to keep bouncing along the same numbers on the scale.  I need to find a balance.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finding my balance with Vitamin D

I am a true believer in getting the nutrients my body needs through eating a clean, low carb healthy diet. It has always been my goal to eat as much fresh as I can. 

During my last checkup, my bloodwork was great with one exception, it showed I was very low on Vitamin D.  I didn't really understand how it got so low since it was end of summer and I live near the water.  I swim laps several times a week each summer.  How could I not have vitamin D?  Reluctantly, I began taking vitamin D supplements.  *For the record, I do not believe in supplementation as a way of life.  I am not a health professional, this is just my viewpoint.
Before adding the supplements my vitamin D was 30, (good range is 30-100), 29 would have been deficient.  Today my bloodwork showed my vitamin D level 123, far too high.  Too much Vitamin D can cause bodies to absorb too much calcium which can lead to heart problems.  Soooo, I'm going to take the supplement in the winter months.  The rest of the year, I will get my vitamin D via my good friend Mr. Sun 🌞

Monday, April 6, 2015

Planning ahead for Easter Weekend

My strategy for handling Easter this year seemed to work well.  I bought absolutely no treats of any kind until the day before.  I ate my planned treats and then gave the rest away to relatives.  Last night I actually threw away some that I found leftover in my freezer.  I still don't trust myself so I walked outside and threw it in the bottom of my huge can.  Done....over...finished..roll credits!

Today, I will try to keep vigilant for any signs of carb cravings as a result.  I also need to log my water intake, I fell very short of my water goals this past weekend.

Looking over my upcoming week I see no challenges that would keep me from reaching my goals of eating healthy & working out.

So there it is, my primary concentration for the week ...low carb, increased water intake

Friday, April 3, 2015

My Not-So Good Friday Post

Last Weeks Weight 175.5
Today's Weight  176.5
Total :  +1 lbs

I was not happy with my weigh-In this week.  I worked out 6 of 7 days. I met my weeks fitness goals I set for myself.  I've been clean, healthy food choices.  So I weighed & logged it and I'm moving on.  

I've managed to avoid all the Easter treats around me, I will have one "planned" treat on Easter Sunday.

I don't see any challenges in my upcoming week and I will add bike riding on Wednesday.  

✨Happy Easter!✨

Have you ever had weigh-in's like that? You do everything right, step on the scale just doesn't reflect your commitment .......

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Perfect Easter Workout

All the Rocky fans out there will surely remember this scene in Rocky 2 when Mickey makes Rocky chase chickens for one of their workouts.  Well today I had a similar workout....except I was chasing 2 bunnies who escaped their cage.  The bunnies are Easter gifts and I was terrified they would escape my fence and I would have 2 disappointed girls.   WHEW! What a workout, and funny (now that it's over)  Hubby and I were running and sliding along the grass while they slipped our hands.   Those lil suckers were fast!

They are now safely back in they cages and I need a nap.

Monday, March 30, 2015

My Very Berry Breakfast

I am fortunate to live in an area where locally grown berries are in abundance.  We are surrounded by pick-your-own farms that offer strawberries and blueberries.  Blackberries grow wild along fences and are free for the picking.  Each year I fill my freezer with large amounts to enjoy throughout the year.  Of course I eat my fill of fresh first.

This morning my breakfast smoothie included;

Handful of each, Blueberries & Strawberries
Scoop of vanilla protein powder or 2T greek yogurt
Small pieces (approx 1/4 of small) banana
1/2 cup naturally reduced fat milk from my local farmer
Crushed ice

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight 177.5
Today's Weight  175.5
Total Loss:  -2 lbs

Today I was doing the Happy Dance as I stepped off the scale.  I surpassed my goal to reach my pre-cruise weight.  It basically took me 2 weeks to undo the damage from a 4 day cruise!  WOW!
My next goal I have set for myself is to reach the 160's by April 30th ~ my trip to the Bahamas and NYC.  Losing 5 pounds seems doable.
I have been doing my Friday Weigh-Ins since September 2009.  It's my way of assuring complete awareness of my health.   I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life and my biggest weakness has been my ability to avoid the scale when I know I have made poor choices.  Avoiding the scale is my minds way of tricking me into thinking I have gained weight overnight.  No,  the weight did not come overnight, it was during the period when I stopped being vigil.
Without a doubt the most difficult times for my Friday Weigh-Ins are when I know I made poor choices or I am in a plateau.  Now, I force myself to look but I don't beat myself up over the results.  I tell myself to log it and move on.  It's not always easy to avoid belittling myself because I didn't have a perfect week.  But, I think it's important not to pretend it hasn't happened either.
But for today, I rejoice and thank God for a good weigh-In!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Variety in Fitness

One of my new goals is to add some variety to my fitness routine.  Change in my routine will keep it fresh and more interesting.  At least once a week I will strive to add something new.  Today I added a walk on one of our beautiful coastal bridges.  It was a gorgeous sunny day.

I hope to add something new to my fitness routine at least once a week.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Positive changes

I replaced my morning breakfast with a yummy protein smooth prepared with Unjury vanilla protein powder, 1 cup milk,strawberries, blueberries and a small piece (1/4) of a small banana.  I was surprisingly full.  It took some time to drink.  I think next time I will try just 1/2 cup milk & 1/2 water.

I had a short 2 mile walk in the morning.  My afternoon walk didn't happen due to a miscommunication with Hubby.  

I did extremely well on my water but it required planning with phone reminders to drink between meals.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Healthier day

I did tons better today following my healthy lifestyle.

Fitness~began the morning with a 4 mike walk on a beautiful spring morning.
I later walked another 2 miles after supper for a total of 6 miles.  My goal is to work up to 5 miles every other morning.

Hydration~  drank 60oz of water with little effort. There is still room for improvement here, one more bottle, 80oz is my goal.

Nutrition~ I had veggie imelet for breakfast, turkey salad with wheat thins for lunch and Grilled Salmon with 1/2 small sweet potato and spinach-artichoke for supper.  There is room for improvement in my snacks. I had ice cream which is a terrible choice.  My goal today is to replace one meal with a protein shake & add a fruit for snack.

I still have some work ahead but my lifestyle is getting better each day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Fell off the diet cliff this weekend

I didn't even bother logging all the crap I ate this weekend.  I ate everything from ice cream &  birthday cake to a dinner roll Saturday and then had the nerve to eat jellybeans at the show on Sunday.

What do I do about it ? There's nothing I can, do what's done is done.  Should this will not be the last time that I will ignore my health and eat crappy food.  There is no excuse I can make to myself.

I'm just going to brush myself off, exercise more and get back on plan immediately.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Weigh-In

Pre-Cruise Weigh-In:  176.0
Post-Cruise Weigh-In:  177.5

As of today I am 1.5lbs away from my weight before I left on my cruise.  My goal for this coming week is to reach 176.  

FITNESS GOALS THIS WEEK- I am walking 1-2 times each day.  I will add additional resistance training at least  2 days this week. I will also ride my bike 2x this week.

NUTRITION GOALS THIS WEEK- replacing snacks with fruit. Drinking protein for lunch.

WATER- increase to 80oz

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hump Day

My biggest challenge of the day was the dreaded buffet.  Ugh! I hate doing buffets more than anything.   Sometimes it's just unavoidable.  My usual plan is to add as much protein and veggies as possible.  I added liver & onions, spinach, Lima beans & fried flounder.  My downfall was mashed potatoes but thankfully, I was too full to overindulge.  I had a few bites of melon and strawberry ice cream.  I logged everything, even the ice cream.

Breakfast was a veggie omelet with added salmon.

My carbs for the day were far too high. Tomorrow I will be more aware of those carbs!

My water total was fair, but I should have drank one more.

Exercise - I walked 48 minutes.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Goin Down...

I walked twice for a total of 5 miles.  It was tough going the second time, I could feel a tightening on back of my legs.  It's a good, sore feeling.  

My nutrition was fairly good, I had veggie omelet for breakfast, tuna with wheat crackers for lunch and supper was grilled salmon with pea pods.

I met my water goal and Mr Scale is showing a 2lb loss, I hope to get back to my pre-cruise weight this week.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Post-Cruise Weigh-In

I returned from my four day cruise yesterday and it was wonderful.  I ate mostly fish at meals & tried to limit the desserts to one or two bites.  My downfall was alcohol consumption.  I drank a bottle of wine and several high calorie frozen drinks.

Continuing on my resolve to maintain accountability, I forced myself to step on the scale.  Mr scale showed a 4.5lb gain!  I know that much of it will be water weight from the salt but it is still very disappointing.  

I will be walking twice a day until I am back to my pre-cruise weight.  Happy St.Paddy's day!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Restart: day 4, Eating Healthy on my cruise

I did fairly well.  Breakfast was a veggie omelet made with 2 eggs,fresh cheese from a local dairy, kale,green peppers & onion, finally sprinkled with 1T chia seeds.

I then enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner of liver & onions, green beans, fried flounder & s bit of potatoes.

I am being aware & paying attention to my body.  Feeling when I'm full.

I'm leaving on a 4 day cruise to Cozumel.  I found eating healthy to be fairly easy on cruises by sticking with fish dishes.  I love salmon and cruises usually offer grilled salmon as a staple along with other choices.  I also love the fresh fruit which I order as appetizer & desserts.  

It's my goal to enjoy this cruise and spending time with my Sister without an emphasis on food.  See you on Monday!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Restart:Day 3

I had to fast this morning for bloodwork.  I am curious about my results. My blood work was nearly perfect 6 months ago with the exception of low vitamin D.  Since then, I've added vitamin D gummed each day.

Lunch was tuna salad made with 1T greek yogurt and mayo, mustard, onion & celery.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken, no skin and pea pods.

The bad: 3 miniature white chocolate Reese cups.

My water was much better.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Restart: Day 2

The good of yesterday...

I'm logging all foods, both good AND bad
I'm more aware of the carb cravings and recognizing them for what they are.

The bad....

I ate Carmel chocolates 
It rained the whole day & I didn't substitute indoor exercise.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Picking my head out of the sand...

I dropped the ball, stuck my head in the Sand, became too complacent.  To my shock and frustration, I've managed to gain 7.5 pounds with very little effort.   This is proof, if I even needed it... That WLS is just a tool.  It won't magically make me lose weight.  I will have to remain vigilant, continue to eat a healthy/low carb diet and EXERCISE!

Today, I will begin daily posts and logging my food/exercise until I am back on track!