Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight 172.0
Today's Weight  171.0
Total Loss:  -1.0 lbs

It is difficult to write todays post and keep it upbeat.  I'm fighting deep inner frustration at the slow crawl of my weightloss journey.  I have been so close to the 160's for a very long time now and the scale just will not move.  I am trying desperately to trust the process and not give in to the urge to "diet".  Dieting is no longer an option, eating healthy and exercising is the only route I am willing to take.  I refuse to give into starvation diets or eating fake food.  It is so hard to keep looking to the future when I seem to be stuck in one place. 

Fall is here, Fall always makes me feel renewed.  I love long walks when its cooler outside instead of melting from the everyday humidity that comes from living on the beautiful gulf coast.

I am going to try harder to adhere to the simple basics of eating healthy, exercising and logging into MFP every single time. That is all!


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