Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Weighin - Focus

Last Weeks Weight 170.5
Today's Weight  172.0
Total :  +1.5lbs

NSV: My biggest NSV right now is being able to pull any piece of clothing from my closet or drawer and it fits, even Jeans!  I remember the anguish I used to experience whenever I had to go somewhere, not knowing if anything I owned would fit me.  Would my jeans snap? Would I have to lay down on the bed and suck in my breath to zip them? Do any of my skirts/dresses fit? I don't have that problem any longer, I KNOW it fits!

Fitness:  Since returning from our August road-trip, I jumped right back into my routine of running/walking & swimming.  We should continue to have use of the pool for several more weeks since its still in the 90's here.

Nutrition:  I am not getting enough protein lately.  I find myself skipping lunch so I have set a reminder on my phone.  I will resume logging my foods today, that should help also!

Hydration: Not a problem for me :)

Last Week:   During my month long August road-trip I ate pretty much anything I wanted.  I didn't log my foods.  I did focus on protein at breakfast, choosing boiled eggs over carbs.  The result is that I basically stalled in weight-loss.  Not good.

My Upcoming Week :  This week will be about refocusing.  Logging my foods, eating the right amount of food groups and getting back on track with my supplements.  YAY me!

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