Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Weigh-In & 6 months Post-op

Last Weeks Weight 172.0
Today's Weight  172.0
Total Loss:  0lbs

Yep, I ran up all 72 steps!

As you can see Mr. Scale shows no movement this week.  I appear to be in a really long stall so I will continue to focus on NSV'S .  I am doing all the right things and trusting the process.

The biggest NSV I have this week is my 6 month post op blood work.  My blood work was perfect.  My numbers were in the normal range in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY!  Getting healthy is the reason I started this path in first place.  My doc would like me to increase my vitamin D to be on the higher end of the scale, but right now it is in the normal range.   My surgeon said I am absolutely a superstar in his office, how cool is that? lol

My first six months have flown by and I think I have become comfortable in my healthy lifestyle. The changes I have made are now my norm.    I look for new healthy foods to try.  I am always looking for new recipes.  I haven't eaten from a can at all in the last 6 months, who needs it when I can cook fresh and freeze my own vegetables.

 I am very comfortable in the size that I am.  I am in a solid size 10 and although I would love to lose more, it may not be what my body has in mind.  I  keep reminding myself that I will have to live my life on this healthy path forever, so what's the rush?  Absolutely nothing will change when I get to goal.  I will still have to eat the same way and exercise the same or more.



Words of Encouragement