Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Weigh-In- Hello Fall

Last Weeks Weight 172.0
Today's Weight  170.5
Total Loss:  -1.5lbs

Scale moved this week, finally!  The closer I get to my goal weight, the slower the scale moves, why is that?  I am still reminding myself that getting to goal will make no difference in my lifestyle.  I will still have to eat healthy and continue to exercise exactly as I do now.

NSV:  I continue to reach for clothes from my closet only to find they are too big.  It feels so delightful to put another item in my donation box.

Fitness: Swimming laps has come to an end.  The water has become too cold.  I plan to attend a gentle yoga class on Tuesday and will ride my bike at least 2x this week.  I increased the length of my walks to 4 miles per day and it has felt really good.

Nutrition:  I decided to add protein shakes back into my diet, one per day.  I find that I am rarely hungry at lunch and find myself eating just for the extra protein. A yummy shake will be just the thing to correct the problem.  I am also adding Vitamin D supplement once a day because I don't want to be on a schedule with getting sunshine.

Hydration: As the weather begins to cool, I will have to be more vigilant with my water. I noticed my intact decreasing already.

Last Week:  I found myself snacking too much this past week.  I asked Hubby to not buy any of "his" snacks for now.  I thought I had more willpower than I actually do, I cannot have certain foods in the house, I am simply not that strong.

My Upcoming Week  Routine will be my word of the week.  I need to get back into my routine of logging my food, water and exercise.  Back to basics and self awareness will also be goals for this week.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Weigh-In & 6 months Post-op

Last Weeks Weight 172.0
Today's Weight  172.0
Total Loss:  0lbs

Yep, I ran up all 72 steps!

As you can see Mr. Scale shows no movement this week.  I appear to be in a really long stall so I will continue to focus on NSV'S .  I am doing all the right things and trusting the process.

The biggest NSV I have this week is my 6 month post op blood work.  My blood work was perfect.  My numbers were in the normal range in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY!  Getting healthy is the reason I started this path in first place.  My doc would like me to increase my vitamin D to be on the higher end of the scale, but right now it is in the normal range.   My surgeon said I am absolutely a superstar in his office, how cool is that? lol

My first six months have flown by and I think I have become comfortable in my healthy lifestyle. The changes I have made are now my norm.    I look for new healthy foods to try.  I am always looking for new recipes.  I haven't eaten from a can at all in the last 6 months, who needs it when I can cook fresh and freeze my own vegetables.

 I am very comfortable in the size that I am.  I am in a solid size 10 and although I would love to lose more, it may not be what my body has in mind.  I  keep reminding myself that I will have to live my life on this healthy path forever, so what's the rush?  Absolutely nothing will change when I get to goal.  I will still have to eat the same way and exercise the same or more.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Weighin - Focus

Last Weeks Weight 170.5
Today's Weight  172.0
Total :  +1.5lbs

NSV: My biggest NSV right now is being able to pull any piece of clothing from my closet or drawer and it fits, even Jeans!  I remember the anguish I used to experience whenever I had to go somewhere, not knowing if anything I owned would fit me.  Would my jeans snap? Would I have to lay down on the bed and suck in my breath to zip them? Do any of my skirts/dresses fit? I don't have that problem any longer, I KNOW it fits!

Fitness:  Since returning from our August road-trip, I jumped right back into my routine of running/walking & swimming.  We should continue to have use of the pool for several more weeks since its still in the 90's here.

Nutrition:  I am not getting enough protein lately.  I find myself skipping lunch so I have set a reminder on my phone.  I will resume logging my foods today, that should help also!

Hydration: Not a problem for me :)

Last Week:   During my month long August road-trip I ate pretty much anything I wanted.  I didn't log my foods.  I did focus on protein at breakfast, choosing boiled eggs over carbs.  The result is that I basically stalled in weight-loss.  Not good.

My Upcoming Week :  This week will be about refocusing.  Logging my foods, eating the right amount of food groups and getting back on track with my supplements.  YAY me!