Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Weighin & August Road Trip!

Last Weeks Weight 172.5
Today's Weight  170.5
Total Loss:  -2.0lbs

NSV:  My most notable NSV for this week is guilt.  I feel guilt when I eat something unhealthy, I feel guilt when I eat something processed.  I feel guilt when I don't exercise.  I feel guilt when I don't drink my water.  Now I just need to channel that guilt to fuel more determination.  I consider it a NSV because I still care what I eat and do :)
Fitness: I failed miserably this week in all areas and fitness is one of them.  I have not exercised once this week.  I have lost my mojo.  I have no excuses to offer so I won't even try.  What I will do, is try to get back on my horse so to speak!
Nutrition:  The carb monster has gotten hold of me this week and its really awful.  The cravings are non stop.  The good thing is that I realize this and I will work on it!
Hydration:  I have done fairly well this week on hydration but I need improvement!

Last Week:  I had the grandkids for a week which is what led me off my path to healthy eating.  Trying to force them into good habits when I only have them a few days a year is futile.  I need to work on a plan for this on their next visit.  My failure was in not planning ahead for these temptations.  The kids love grilled foods and that would have certainly been an option.  They also like beans and cheese.  They are very picky on veggies but they do have a few they eat.  I WILL work on a plan for their next visit

My Upcoming Week:  We are leaving Sunday on a 5 week road trip that will take us through 12+ states.  I have planned to pack protein bars and nuts for backup.  We also will have a chest full of water and I will log my intake (GOOD OR BAD) without judgment and blog as often as possible to stay aware of my eating and fitness.   I am bringing my bathroom scale and will weigh in a minimum of once a week.  We have planned many nature walks/hikes for exercise.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday & July Weighin

Last Weeks Weight 172.0
Today's Weight  172.5
Total Loss for July : 2.5lbs

NSV:  I have to really focus on NSV's right now because my weightloss has stalled.  I know I am living healthy and exercising.  My NSV's this week include fitting into tops from my granddaughter (she wears medium) and my 2nd swimsuit of the summer is completely falling off of me. 
Fitness:  Walking and swimming has become so much a part of my life now.  I truly miss it all day whenever I do not workout. 
Nutrition:  I have eaten carbs more than usual this month, which I am sure resulted in my current stall. I have to curb the carb cravings again.  I hope to correct that this coming week.
Hydration:  I am doing wonderful on my water, getting in 80oz most days!

Last Week:  Ate too many carbs but I did eat veggies each day.  Snacking too much, but picking fruit as snacks.

My Upcoming Week  This coming week will be my last before our August Road Trip 2014.  We will be spending nearly 6 weeks on the road.  My challenge will be adding fitness into each day while still finding time to enjoy some sightseeing.  This week I will focus on water, veggies & no snacking (not even fruit) and really pushing my exercising to my limits.