Sunday, July 13, 2014

Opelousas Trip -Day 2 hiking in da swamp

Our efforts to live a more healthy, active lifestyle is challenging while traveling.  It takes commitment to make time for fitness during trips.  Finding new & interesting activities makes it more fun.

We are on a mini vacation in the heart of Cajun Country and thought a swamp hike would be fun.  Although we regularly walk each morning around our neighborhood, real hiking (as in wilderness) is not something we have done.

We started out 6am with a beautiful supermoon for light.

It hasn't rained much here lately so the trail was solid.  The views that awaited us for our efforts were beautiful.

We hiked for 2.25 miles.
I found hiking to be fun & now I want more! I plan to read up more on it.  I need to buy some basic gear though.  Anyone know where a beginner hiker should start? Perhaps i can join a group !


  1. Where should a beginner hike start? I'm not an expert, however, good walking/hiking shoes and quality socks are a good start.

    1. I think hiking shoes are a great place to start,thks!

  2. Amazing pictures .....and yes as Marc has commented, good shoes/boots and good quality socks sounds a good idea.

    All the best Jan


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