Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Weigh-In time!

Last Weeks Weight 174.0
Today's Weight  172.0
Total Loss:  -2.0lbs

I have 2 more weeks before our big road trip .  I plan to rev up my workouts my adding a series of 6 workout challenges to my routine to tighten my muscles.  The routines don't require the gym, making it easier to continue on the road.  I need to really focus during these weeks.

NSV:   My newest swimsuit is getting too big.  This is the 2nd one this summer, I have had to replace due to weightloss! Luckily I still have one more that will hopefully get me through the rest of this summer.  Next summer will certainly require shopping lol

Fitness: I have started running a little farther with each morning walk., I am walking 4 miles now.  Once a week I increase my walk to 4.5-5 miles.  I hope to increase it to 6 miles .

Nutrition:  I am staying under 1200 calories but I feel like I'm eating too much cheese.  I've addressed this problem before.  I love cheese but I feel I need to reduce the amount to keep my scale moving.  

Hydration: I'm falling short of 64oz, need to drink more!

Last Week: I feel I did fairly well on my weekend trip to Cajun country.  I packed plenty water & exercised during my big hike.  I feel I need to make changes for breakfast.  I didn't eat carbs, I had omelets & bacon, but I think I can do healthier.

My Upcoming Week. I have another long road trip ahead of me today.  12+ hours in one day in fact!  I'm bringing my water but not really packing snacks with the exception of a protein bar.  I don't need to snack all day.  The only thing coming is a restaurant dinner for my granddaughters birthday.  I don't know where yet, but I will plan ahead!

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