Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday weigh in & roadtrips

Last Weeks Weight 174.5
Today's Weight  174.0
Total Loss:  -.5lbs

My nemesis right now and probably for next 8 weeks are vacation eating.  When I am home and buying & preparing my own foods it's easier to eat healthy & not be tempted by these evil carbs.  Traveling requires more willpower and I am sadly lacking self control here.  I will be road tripping heavily until mid-September I need to get a plan of action to deal with my food choices while on the road.

Fitness:  My walks are becoming routine now.  When I skip I feel weird the rest of the day.  Swimming is still fun but becoming more tedious.  I begin getting bored with swimming in late summer each year.   I will need to replace it with a new activity in September anyway as the pool closes.

Nutrition:  I've gotten back on program this week except for a couple meals out with my kids.  I need to make better choices when eating out.

Hydration: no problem getting my liquids in.  This heat leaves me thirsty all day.

Last Week: I had a weekend road trip with my kids which lead to some poor restaurant choices.  There is room for improvement here.

My Upcoming Week.  Another road trip to a family wedding this weekend.  I will eat all 3 meals at restaurants for 3 days (not including the wedding).  My plan is to stick to protein & salads for lunch & dinner.  

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