Saturday, July 12, 2014

Opelousas Trip-Day 1 Eating wisely

Hubby & I visited one of favorite Louisiana restaurants in Lafayette, the heart of Cajun country.   Cajun food is NOT and will never be a large part of my new healthy lifestyle.  Most Cajun food that I grew up with were fried and laden with fat, gravy & loaded with carbs. I am always working to revamp my favorite dishes but some just cannot be changed.

Still, Cajun food is part of my heritage and my childhood so I allow it in moderation. Hubby & I seldom allow ourselves to eat fried foods of any kind.  Tonight was one of those times that we allowed ourselves to indulge.

I think I handled it quite well compared to my former life.  Hubby and I shared a bowl of gumbo,  normally I would have eaten the whole thing.  I ordered 2 fried softshell crab, I ate 3/4 of one then gave hubby the rest. NO french fries passed my lips. AT THE END OF THE NIGHT I WAS MORE THAN SATISFIED.

If you ever find yourself in Lafayette, Louisiana try Randol's.  They have the perfect Cajun experience complete with authentic Cajun food, music & dancing!


Soft shell crab, jambalaya & fries

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