Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workout Wednesday - Splishing and Splashing


My swimming has improved over this last month.  I can do more laps with less rest stops.  I added fins to my swimming now.  I got the idea from my granddaughter's coach.  It helps to strengthen my legs while doing my laps.   I can absolutely feel the difference.

After swimming my laps, I have added some pool exercises.  I added various leg kicks, stretches and push ups on the side of the pool.

My walking has been somewhat sporadic this week due to my granddaughter spending the week.  She's is only here for a week and I am spending all my free time making memories.

Strength Training

I completed my goal of 30 minutes of gym times 2x /week.  I am slowly adding more weight.  I don't have the extra money for a trainer so I try to watch and learn from regulars.  It has helped me to improve my form and to add variety to my exercises.


This week I brought my granddaughter bowling twice.  Usually I just sit and watch as she bowls, not this time.  I bowled with her, so much more fun!  I have also spent time with her playing various Wii fit games, it was fun for both us while getting in a little workout for grandma :)

Last week: 
I swam laps 2 days & walked a total of  5 miles. Walked a total of 5 miles so far this month.  I did complete  2 days of strength training.
Goals for the upcoming week:
I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 3 days of walking
I will complete 3 days of swimming laps

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