Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Weigh In

Last Weeks Weight 178.5
Today's Weight  177.0
Total Loss:  -1.5lbs

NSV:   My arms have more definition than when I started.  My bat wings seem to be less, I still have plenty of them but less of them.  My rings are loose on me now.  My knees hurt at night because they are bony now and keep rubbing against each other as I sleep.

Fitness: I am still swimming and walking.  I am lagging and struggling with everything this week, including strength training.  I haven't been at all this week.  I will go to the gym 2x this week.

Nutrition:  I am struggling in this area as well.  I ate too many carbs.  Today is a new day.  I need to control the carb monster.  He has taken control of me again and the urges are strong.

Hydration: I have not tracked my water in 3 days but I think I have been doing fairly well.

Last Week:   I had 2 glorious days with my granddaughters.  We visited a water park, went to the movies and also a fantastic acrobatics show.  I ate popcorn twice, ice cream and blueberry pie.  Not a good week but it's behind me now and I need to focus on rebooting my healthy plan starting today.

My Upcoming Week:  This will be my final week before we leave on a family cruise to Mexico.  I need to concentrate this week on controlling my carb monster and completing 2X strength training.  I am truly struggling right now to get back on my path!

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