Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Weigh-In Post~Dem Bones

Last Weeks Weight 179.5
Today's Weight  178.50
Total Loss:  -.5lbs

NSV:   My favorite NSV this week is bones.  As in shoulder and collar bones, mine are so much more defined now.  They make my whole facial area seem leaner.  Another major victory has been that I have not allowed myself to fall into temptation with all the unusal treats in my home this week.  My youngest granddaughter is visiting and with her comes extra snacks, stress and other unexpected temptations. Normally I would let a visit become a junk food eating fest, NOT good for her or myself.  Gratefully it did not occur.

Fitness:   The Bad:  My cardio workouts have suffered this week as I made time for much needed Granddaughter time.  It's only one week and I wouldn't trade a minute of  this week.  She leaves tomorrow and my world will once again become predictable and organized again.  The good:  I have managed to maintain my 2x weekly strength training.

Nutrition:  My weightloss has slowed the last 2 weeks and while some may be due to less cardio, I think it is more likely to be from increased carbs.  Not the usual suspects (breads,pasta,wheat), but in the form of fruit like watermelon, grapes etc.  I will be watching this very closely in the next week.

Hydration:  I still have to track my water intake carefully.  No tracking=Not enough

Last Week:  I wasn't as consistent with my program as I would have liked but I anticipated it.  I ate more On the other hand, I participated in bowling, wii fit, horseback riding and swimming with my granddaughter.

My Upcoming Week: This coming week is not without its complications.  Tuesday is Olive Garden with all the family for  Hubby's birthday.  We will be on a two day vacay to celebrate our anniversary which is on Thursday.  I plan to bring boiled eggs, cheese sticks, almonds & protein bars to help keep the restaurant eating at a minimum.  It's difficult to control the sodium when eating out which causes my weightloss to stop.

I am 2 lbs away from being 1/2 way to goal....I plan to post before and after pics when I reach it!!!

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  1. Another loss - well done.

    Watch your water intake - keep on track and Happy Anniversary.

    All the best Jan


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