Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Weigh-In & Mexico!

Last Weeks Weight 177.0
Today's Weight  174.5
Total Loss:  -2.5lbs

NSV:  I have had a marvelous time shopping in my own closet.  Everyday I find clothing that I loved too much to part with, so they were stuffed into drawers or the back of my closet.  Trying them on and having them fit? PRICELESS!
Fitness:  I dropped the ball on strength training.  I told myself a million reasons why I didn't go but the bottom line is I hate the gym and I need to get my mojo back to go.  My cardio is going great!  I walk 40-75 minutes everyday followed by 35 minutes of swimming laps.

Nutrition:  I am averaging 1000 calories a day now.  The carb monster will not leave me alone, every single day I am fighting cravings.  Wonder if protein bars can be the cause?  I may try to step away from them for awhile to see if it helps.

Hydration:  The Heat & Humidity are here and it's helping me to surpass my water intake goals..  No problem here :)

Last Week:  I've had a stressful week with the sickness and loss of a dear family member.  I am fighting the need for comfort foods, so far I am winning.

My Upcoming Week:  I am heading on a short 5 day cruise to Mexico with the Hubby, Granddaughters, Son, DIL & step grandsons.  I have a plan to eat plenty protein and fresh foods but I know it is going to be a struggle.  The food on cruises are loaded with salt, I expect a short term gain, but it usually dissipates as the salt leaves my body.  I'm very excited about the cruise, but nervous about gaining.  Please send me good vives!

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  1. Great to hear you're still doing well.

    Have a great cruise ....and yes 'good vives' are coming your way.

    All the best Jan


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