Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carb is a carb is a carb...

Quest is my favorite protein bar.  It touts only 5g of carbs, but it is NET carbs.  I'm sorry but my body doesn't compute net carbs.  If I eat 22g carb foods, my weightloss WILL stall. What aggravates me is when MFP post 5 carbs when I truly wish it would just add the whole 22 grams. Period.


  1. Agreed! I don't buy into net carbs... it's just as bad at reduced fat foods!

  2. I don't do net carbs either. I edit on MFP to correct those entries that show net carbs.

    1. I didn't know I could edit the carbs, go to know!

  3. Quest is my favorite protein bar too! But I agree with you about the whole net carbs thing. Still to me, quest is a good calorie deal--20 grams of protein for 180 calories.


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