Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Weigh-In & Mexico!

Last Weeks Weight 177.0
Today's Weight  174.5
Total Loss:  -2.5lbs

NSV:  I have had a marvelous time shopping in my own closet.  Everyday I find clothing that I loved too much to part with, so they were stuffed into drawers or the back of my closet.  Trying them on and having them fit? PRICELESS!
Fitness:  I dropped the ball on strength training.  I told myself a million reasons why I didn't go but the bottom line is I hate the gym and I need to get my mojo back to go.  My cardio is going great!  I walk 40-75 minutes everyday followed by 35 minutes of swimming laps.

Nutrition:  I am averaging 1000 calories a day now.  The carb monster will not leave me alone, every single day I am fighting cravings.  Wonder if protein bars can be the cause?  I may try to step away from them for awhile to see if it helps.

Hydration:  The Heat & Humidity are here and it's helping me to surpass my water intake goals..  No problem here :)

Last Week:  I've had a stressful week with the sickness and loss of a dear family member.  I am fighting the need for comfort foods, so far I am winning.

My Upcoming Week:  I am heading on a short 5 day cruise to Mexico with the Hubby, Granddaughters, Son, DIL & step grandsons.  I have a plan to eat plenty protein and fresh foods but I know it is going to be a struggle.  The food on cruises are loaded with salt, I expect a short term gain, but it usually dissipates as the salt leaves my body.  I'm very excited about the cruise, but nervous about gaining.  Please send me good vives!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

NSV Alert!

I found a swimsuit I love stuck way in the back of a drawer and it fits!   I loved it when I bought it couple years ago when I lost weight on one of my MANY yo-yo diets.  #vsg

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carb is a carb is a carb...

Quest is my favorite protein bar.  It touts only 5g of carbs, but it is NET carbs.  I'm sorry but my body doesn't compute net carbs.  If I eat 22g carb foods, my weightloss WILL stall. What aggravates me is when MFP post 5 carbs when I truly wish it would just add the whole 22 grams. Period.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Weigh In

Last Weeks Weight 178.5
Today's Weight  177.0
Total Loss:  -1.5lbs

NSV:   My arms have more definition than when I started.  My bat wings seem to be less, I still have plenty of them but less of them.  My rings are loose on me now.  My knees hurt at night because they are bony now and keep rubbing against each other as I sleep.

Fitness: I am still swimming and walking.  I am lagging and struggling with everything this week, including strength training.  I haven't been at all this week.  I will go to the gym 2x this week.

Nutrition:  I am struggling in this area as well.  I ate too many carbs.  Today is a new day.  I need to control the carb monster.  He has taken control of me again and the urges are strong.

Hydration: I have not tracked my water in 3 days but I think I have been doing fairly well.

Last Week:   I had 2 glorious days with my granddaughters.  We visited a water park, went to the movies and also a fantastic acrobatics show.  I ate popcorn twice, ice cream and blueberry pie.  Not a good week but it's behind me now and I need to focus on rebooting my healthy plan starting today.

My Upcoming Week:  This will be my final week before we leave on a family cruise to Mexico.  I need to concentrate this week on controlling my carb monster and completing 2X strength training.  I am truly struggling right now to get back on my path!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Weigh-In Post~Dem Bones

Last Weeks Weight 179.5
Today's Weight  178.50
Total Loss:  -.5lbs

NSV:   My favorite NSV this week is bones.  As in shoulder and collar bones, mine are so much more defined now.  They make my whole facial area seem leaner.  Another major victory has been that I have not allowed myself to fall into temptation with all the unusal treats in my home this week.  My youngest granddaughter is visiting and with her comes extra snacks, stress and other unexpected temptations. Normally I would let a visit become a junk food eating fest, NOT good for her or myself.  Gratefully it did not occur.

Fitness:   The Bad:  My cardio workouts have suffered this week as I made time for much needed Granddaughter time.  It's only one week and I wouldn't trade a minute of  this week.  She leaves tomorrow and my world will once again become predictable and organized again.  The good:  I have managed to maintain my 2x weekly strength training.

Nutrition:  My weightloss has slowed the last 2 weeks and while some may be due to less cardio, I think it is more likely to be from increased carbs.  Not the usual suspects (breads,pasta,wheat), but in the form of fruit like watermelon, grapes etc.  I will be watching this very closely in the next week.

Hydration:  I still have to track my water intake carefully.  No tracking=Not enough

Last Week:  I wasn't as consistent with my program as I would have liked but I anticipated it.  I ate more On the other hand, I participated in bowling, wii fit, horseback riding and swimming with my granddaughter.

My Upcoming Week: This coming week is not without its complications.  Tuesday is Olive Garden with all the family for  Hubby's birthday.  We will be on a two day vacay to celebrate our anniversary which is on Thursday.  I plan to bring boiled eggs, cheese sticks, almonds & protein bars to help keep the restaurant eating at a minimum.  It's difficult to control the sodium when eating out which causes my weightloss to stop.

I am 2 lbs away from being 1/2 way to goal....I plan to post before and after pics when I reach it!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Workout Wednesday - Splishing and Splashing


My swimming has improved over this last month.  I can do more laps with less rest stops.  I added fins to my swimming now.  I got the idea from my granddaughter's coach.  It helps to strengthen my legs while doing my laps.   I can absolutely feel the difference.

After swimming my laps, I have added some pool exercises.  I added various leg kicks, stretches and push ups on the side of the pool.

My walking has been somewhat sporadic this week due to my granddaughter spending the week.  She's is only here for a week and I am spending all my free time making memories.

Strength Training

I completed my goal of 30 minutes of gym times 2x /week.  I am slowly adding more weight.  I don't have the extra money for a trainer so I try to watch and learn from regulars.  It has helped me to improve my form and to add variety to my exercises.


This week I brought my granddaughter bowling twice.  Usually I just sit and watch as she bowls, not this time.  I bowled with her, so much more fun!  I have also spent time with her playing various Wii fit games, it was fun for both us while getting in a little workout for grandma :)

Last week: 
I swam laps 2 days & walked a total of  5 miles. Walked a total of 5 miles so far this month.  I did complete  2 days of strength training.
Goals for the upcoming week:
I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 3 days of walking
I will complete 3 days of swimming laps