Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednesday's

I decided to do a weekly post concentrating on my Fitness.  I will reflect on what I did in the previous week, goals for the upcoming week and strive for variety.    I want to begin setting small goals.  Although I feel like I am doing good lately, there is always room for improvement.  Perhaps it will also serve as a way to add new things.


This past week I have been able to add swimming to my workouts.  The pools are not heated so I had to wait until it warmed enough to swim.  It is also weather dependent and rain can get in the way.  The pool is also closed on Wednesday for maintenance.  We have other pools we can use that day but I decided to use Wednesday as a chance to add something new.

Hubby and I walk each mornings alternating between 40 & 60 minutes walks.  In the evening we usually walk 20 minutes after Supper.

Strength Training

There is plenty room for improvement in this area.  I am going to commit to getting to the gym 2x this week.  Later, I will try to add some yoga. I'd also like to try the plank.


This is an area that will cover riding bikes, playing ball etc with my kiddies.  Also vacations and holidays.

Last week: 
I swam laps 5 days & walked a total of  13.79 miles. Walked a total of 27.5 miles so far this month.  I did not complete any strength training.
Goals for the upcoming week:
I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 5 days of walking
I will complete 4 days of swimming laps

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  1. Great plan~! Fitness has always been the #1 key to my success. I really wish I could swim because with the arthritis in my knees, swimming would be the best thing for me. Unfortunately, I'd drown!
    Have a great rest of the week.


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