Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Workout Wednesday post

I was only able to swim laps one time this week due to cold weather and pool maintenance, BUMMER!  It wasn't from lack of wanting to swim it just didn't work out like I planned.  I am hoping for better luck this week.

I did enjoy wonderful long walks with my  Hubby.  Today I tried something new to increase my heart rate during my morning walk.  Every time I came to a Hill I ran as fast up the hill.  I no longer run nor do I wish to begin running again at this point.  But a light jog up the hills did raise my heart rate and made my walks more challenging.

My most important accomplishment this week was getting to the gym twice.  I did strength training with Hubby twice this week and I plan to continue doing strength training 2X each week until swimming season is completed and then I hope to increase to 3X each week.


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  1. Great job, boosting your walk with a quick run! And strength training is awesome, I've been at it (hard-core) since Sept 2013 and love it!


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