Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workout Wednesday- My uphill battle

NSV ~This hill is steep, you cannot see the road or houses on the other side.  Prior to my surgery, I would walk a different path just to avoid this hill.  Even when I did try to walk it slowly, my knees would hurt and I would be left breathless.  I now walk longer and faster than ever before so I decided to try it again.  My first attempt surprised me because it was so much easier than I hoped.   No panting, no knee pain.  Last week, I began sprinting up the hill.  Not a casual stroll or even a fast walk, but a sprint!  Every time I make it to the top I feel like Rocky, Champion of the world!

Last week: 

I swam laps 6 days & walked a total of  17.40 miles. Walked a total of 66.9 miles so far this month.  I completed 2 strength training sessions.

Goals for the upcoming week:

I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 5 days of walking
I will complete 4 days of swimming laps


  1. We have a giant hill in my neighborhood too and that thing is my arch nemesis! I tackle it as often as possible, sometimes twice during my 2 mile power walk, and I'm always out of breath at the top, but I take a moment to stop at the top (gasping for air!) and enjoy the scenery around me. There's a gorgeous view once up there, and it's totally worth the climb!
    Good for you for tackling the big hill, keep it up!

  2. You're rocking the sleeve! You go girl!

  3. You are doing GREAT - it's so nice to hear about your continued success and well being.

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan


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