Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight 182.5
Today's Weight  180.0
Total Loss:  -2.5lbs
I was truly hoping to be able to jump for joy at reaching the 170's this week, but I will gladly accept a 2-1/2 pound loss any week. I am only 4.5 pounds from my 1/2 way point!!!  I am hoping that my slower losses are more to blame on my lower BMI than it is anything that I am doing wrong.  My nutritionist and dietitian both told me that slower losses will help me have less saggy skin, I sure hope they are right!

NSV:  I was forced to shop for workout shorts because all my shorts are just falling off me.  Awful I know,  but I am trying not to buy clothes that I know will not fit me in a month or two.  Of course I couldn't buy new clothes without new shoes to go with them so today I am sporting some new Reeboks!
Fitness:  I am doing well with my walking and swimming.  I will not get in as many swim days as I hoped this week due to a cool front...the water is a bit chilly now but I think it will be warmer by Monday.  I was able to get in my 2 days at the gym, this is a huge improvement.  I think I will probably work up to 3 days eventually.  It's really hard to find gym time when I am swimming because it wears me out.  Besides, swimming laps is definitely working my arms because they feel like jelly when I'm done.
Nutrition: I have done well on my eating plan this week.  I'm getting 70-80g protein and minimal complex carbs. NO sugar NO bread NO pasta  I have been getting in at least one serving each  of fruit and veggies.  With the farmer's markets overflowing with fresh veggies it will continue to get easier to have more.
Hydration:  Water continues to be a struggle.  I am drinking 64oz but  I MUST keep a log or I find myself lacking.  I won't go to bed unless I have drank all that I need.

Last Week:  My big obstacle last week was Mother's Day and I think I handled it very well.  I had a small piece of salmon, a few boiled shrimp, some crab and spinach.  I also had a bit of fruit and 2 bites of dark chocolate covered strawberries.  I enjoyed my day and never felt deprived.  The rest of the week was easy to stay on my path.

My Upcoming Week :  Tomorrow is horseback riding with my granddaughters.  They are excellent riders while I have not ridden since I was a teen so I expect to be walking a little funny afterwards :)  My challenge for this week is there will be a lot of  dining out. Tonight will be Chinese night and I plan to have some soup & one piece of chicken without the skin.  Saturday we will be having seafood and I will have fish.  Sunday is another brunch but there is also lots of healthy seafood on the menu.  I have said it many times that I am so glad to be living in a place where fresh seafood is so abundant.


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  1. You're continuing to make good steady progress.


    All the best Jan


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