Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Workout Wednesday- My uphill battle

NSV ~This hill is steep, you cannot see the road or houses on the other side.  Prior to my surgery, I would walk a different path just to avoid this hill.  Even when I did try to walk it slowly, my knees would hurt and I would be left breathless.  I now walk longer and faster than ever before so I decided to try it again.  My first attempt surprised me because it was so much easier than I hoped.   No panting, no knee pain.  Last week, I began sprinting up the hill.  Not a casual stroll or even a fast walk, but a sprint!  Every time I make it to the top I feel like Rocky, Champion of the world!

Last week: 

I swam laps 6 days & walked a total of  17.40 miles. Walked a total of 66.9 miles so far this month.  I completed 2 strength training sessions.

Goals for the upcoming week:

I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 5 days of walking
I will complete 4 days of swimming laps

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friday Weigh-In Post....on Saturday

Last Weeks Weight 180.0
Today's Weight  179.5
Total Loss:  -.5lbs

NSV:  Goodbye 180's forever!  Mr. Scale bounced back and forth between 179.0, 179.5 & 180 all week, very frustrating.  I don't count a new number on the scale unless it is reflected twice in a row.  That finally happened.  It was only 1/2 lb but I am clearly in the 170's now!  I am just 3 pounds away from my 1/2 way exciting and exasperating at the same time because Mr. Scale is moving at a snails pace right now.
Fitness:  I met all my fitness goals for this week.  This week I was able to walk each day due to unbelievably gorgeous weather.  There has been just a hint of cool air in the mornings with low humidity.  I was able to swim each day except Wednesday when the pool was closed.  I also got to the gym 2X for strength training.
Nutrition:  I am getting protein in at each meal without a problem.  I fell low in veggies this week mostly because I did not include them with breakfast,  Most mornings breakfast consists of a veggie omelet with farm eggs, organic cheese from our local dairy and lots of veggies from the farmers market.  This week I ran out of veggies mid-week.  I am trying to eat one fruit each day as well, this week that was mainly blackberries that we picked.
Hydration:  I would like to increase my water intake to 10 cups beginning today.

Last Week:   I would describe myself  last week as PARTICIPANT instead of OBSERVER.   I went horseback riding for an hour with the grandkids.  I haven't been riding in 20+ years, I was slightly sore the next day.  Later that same evening I swam with the grandkids for another hour.  I participated instead of watching them ride or swim.  I really enjoyed being part of the fun instead of hiding behind the family photographer role.

My Upcoming Week:  This weather should cooperate this coming week.  We will be going on a short vacay at a casino hotel Wednesday and Thursday.   Our plans include walks along a bridge and swimming in the hotel pool.  I will get in a workout at the Gym on Monday & Wednesday before we go so there will be nothing to keep me from my Strength Training goal.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Workout Wednesday post

I was only able to swim laps one time this week due to cold weather and pool maintenance, BUMMER!  It wasn't from lack of wanting to swim it just didn't work out like I planned.  I am hoping for better luck this week.

I did enjoy wonderful long walks with my  Hubby.  Today I tried something new to increase my heart rate during my morning walk.  Every time I came to a Hill I ran as fast up the hill.  I no longer run nor do I wish to begin running again at this point.  But a light jog up the hills did raise my heart rate and made my walks more challenging.

My most important accomplishment this week was getting to the gym twice.  I did strength training with Hubby twice this week and I plan to continue doing strength training 2X each week until swimming season is completed and then I hope to increase to 3X each week.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight 182.5
Today's Weight  180.0
Total Loss:  -2.5lbs
I was truly hoping to be able to jump for joy at reaching the 170's this week, but I will gladly accept a 2-1/2 pound loss any week. I am only 4.5 pounds from my 1/2 way point!!!  I am hoping that my slower losses are more to blame on my lower BMI than it is anything that I am doing wrong.  My nutritionist and dietitian both told me that slower losses will help me have less saggy skin, I sure hope they are right!

NSV:  I was forced to shop for workout shorts because all my shorts are just falling off me.  Awful I know,  but I am trying not to buy clothes that I know will not fit me in a month or two.  Of course I couldn't buy new clothes without new shoes to go with them so today I am sporting some new Reeboks!
Fitness:  I am doing well with my walking and swimming.  I will not get in as many swim days as I hoped this week due to a cool front...the water is a bit chilly now but I think it will be warmer by Monday.  I was able to get in my 2 days at the gym, this is a huge improvement.  I think I will probably work up to 3 days eventually.  It's really hard to find gym time when I am swimming because it wears me out.  Besides, swimming laps is definitely working my arms because they feel like jelly when I'm done.
Nutrition: I have done well on my eating plan this week.  I'm getting 70-80g protein and minimal complex carbs. NO sugar NO bread NO pasta  I have been getting in at least one serving each  of fruit and veggies.  With the farmer's markets overflowing with fresh veggies it will continue to get easier to have more.
Hydration:  Water continues to be a struggle.  I am drinking 64oz but  I MUST keep a log or I find myself lacking.  I won't go to bed unless I have drank all that I need.

Last Week:  My big obstacle last week was Mother's Day and I think I handled it very well.  I had a small piece of salmon, a few boiled shrimp, some crab and spinach.  I also had a bit of fruit and 2 bites of dark chocolate covered strawberries.  I enjoyed my day and never felt deprived.  The rest of the week was easy to stay on my path.

My Upcoming Week :  Tomorrow is horseback riding with my granddaughters.  They are excellent riders while I have not ridden since I was a teen so I expect to be walking a little funny afterwards :)  My challenge for this week is there will be a lot of  dining out. Tonight will be Chinese night and I plan to have some soup & one piece of chicken without the skin.  Saturday we will be having seafood and I will have fish.  Sunday is another brunch but there is also lots of healthy seafood on the menu.  I have said it many times that I am so glad to be living in a place where fresh seafood is so abundant.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Workout Wednesday's

I decided to do a weekly post concentrating on my Fitness.  I will reflect on what I did in the previous week, goals for the upcoming week and strive for variety.    I want to begin setting small goals.  Although I feel like I am doing good lately, there is always room for improvement.  Perhaps it will also serve as a way to add new things.


This past week I have been able to add swimming to my workouts.  The pools are not heated so I had to wait until it warmed enough to swim.  It is also weather dependent and rain can get in the way.  The pool is also closed on Wednesday for maintenance.  We have other pools we can use that day but I decided to use Wednesday as a chance to add something new.

Hubby and I walk each mornings alternating between 40 & 60 minutes walks.  In the evening we usually walk 20 minutes after Supper.

Strength Training

There is plenty room for improvement in this area.  I am going to commit to getting to the gym 2x this week.  Later, I will try to add some yoga. I'd also like to try the plank.


This is an area that will cover riding bikes, playing ball etc with my kiddies.  Also vacations and holidays.

Last week: 
I swam laps 5 days & walked a total of  13.79 miles. Walked a total of 27.5 miles so far this month.  I did not complete any strength training.
Goals for the upcoming week:
I will complete at least 2 days of strength training
I will complete at least 5 days of walking
I will complete 4 days of swimming laps

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Weigh-In & Mother's Day weekend

Last Weeks Weight 184.5
Today's Weight  182.5
Total Loss:  -2.0lbs

Look at the all the beautiful veggies I bought from our local farmer's market.  I have plans to make a root vegetable soup (will post recipe later), squash casserole, and roasted turnips.  I love summer!
The scale is moving again after a 2 week stall.  One of those weeks was during our trip to Atlantic City.  We had a fantastic time.  I ate whatever a wanted (in much smaller portions) and never gained an ounce!  We also walked the boardwalk every day, some days we did it twice just because the weather was so dang nice.  The 170's are so close and I'm very impatient to get there. 
NSV:  My closet is getting very bare as I purge the clothing that no longer fits.  Sometimes I find items that were too small and have them fit perfectly!  It's great to shop within my own closet :)  I am putting off going real shopping for as long as possible, I hate thinking of buying things that will no longer fit me in a month or two.
Fitness:  I track my workouts in MFP and it has been helping to keep me dedicated.  I have been alternating morning walks between 4 and 2 miles.  The pool has warmed enough to begin swimming laps, I started doing 20 minutes of laps yesterday and it feels wonderful!  I still need to find the time to add some strength training. 
Nutrition:  I am still tracking my food intake and usually get 70-80g of protein. I  have become comfortable in my low carb lifestyle.  Seafood is always a staple in our family and I have started experimenting with new vegetable recipes. I usually eat veggie omelet mid-morning, at least one fruit a day for snack and supper is a protein and a vegetable.  I also add a protein shake when its necessary to meet my protein goal, I love the chocolate ones.
Hydration:  I am still tracking my water intake and have to keep focused on it.   I find if I don't track, I fall short.  I only count pure water, any other liquids like milk or protein shakes I count with my food.  I think now that the heat of summer is upon us, drinking more water will come more naturally.
My Upcoming Week:  I have several challenges this week.  Of course the biggie....Mother's Day!  I will be doing a Mother's Day buffet of all things. (eye roll)  I keep telling everyone its a waste of money to pay for something like this since I cannot eat much.  I am reminded it is also a social affair so I will concentrate on talking and enjoying the day and eat only my small portion.    Saturday we will be attending a seafood boil, not so bad as long as I concentrate on eating the seafood and not the alcohol.  The rest of the week looks normal with nothing to derail my healthy lifestyle efforts.
Happy Mothers Day !