Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Friday Weigh-In & Major NSV

Last Weeks Weight 188.5
Today's Weight  186.0
Total Loss:  2.5
I am quite pleased with Mr. Scale today.  I worked really hard on every aspect of my path to healthy.  There were obstacles but I planned ahead and overcame them.  This week I was able to add more foods back into my diet which is making things so much easier.

A wonderful NSV for me this week was in the form of self control while shopping for Easter basket treats for all the children.  Normally my basket would have included one or two bags for myself....That did not happen.  I walked down each aisle filled with yummy delights and ignored the devil on my shoulder who said..."buy just one, what would it hurt?"  MAJOR NSV!!!

Nutrition-  I was able to add my beloved seafood back into my diet this week.  This is huge because we live on the Gulf Coast where seafood is abundant and a major staple in our diets. I couldn't partake of the corn yet but everything else was a green light.
With the addition of seafood comes much needed iron, B12, potassium and protein.  It is still my goal to get my nutrients from foods so that I can discontinue supplements.  I do love chocolate protein shakes but would prefer them to be an occasional treat rather than everyday.  Another good/poor addition to my diet this week is protein bars.  I ordered some Quest protein bars in the brownie and the cookies & crΓ¨me flavors weeks ago in anticipation of adding them to my plan.  One day this week I was unexpectedly out the entire day without access to any food and my protein bar was very convenient.  What I didn't expect was for them to taste so good, I soon found myself wanting another and another.  The bars may become a binge food and I will have to figure out a strategy for portion control.

Hydration-I am having no problems getting my 64oz of water each day.  In fact, most days I had much more.  My water always increases in the warmer months of summer, YAY!

Fitness-I have walked every day including two 5K's this week.  I had 2 days at the gym using the elliptical, lifecycle and even did some light dumbbells.  

A peek at my upcoming week.  This week is Spring Break for the grandkids so they will be here much of the time.  A mini vacay to Orange Beach, AL is planned along with spring shopping trips, gardening with my youngest and perhaps a fishing trip.  I also have my one month post-op visit with my Surgeon on Wednesday.  I hope to get the all clear for more gym work but I think he will likely want me to wait 6 weeks.


  1. That is a HUGE NSV! I'm such a candy nut. Doesn't it seem like every holiday is starting to have its own candy? It isn't just Halloween and Easter anymore. I can't wait to have some boiled crabs when we go to Louisiana!!!

    1. Loading our kids up with processed sugar has become Synonymous with all our major holidays making it really difficult to teach them portion control.

  2. Congrats! Yep, no Easter baskets/gifts filled with candy for kids or grandkids this year. Toys for the 2 youngest grandsons, but spring/summer fun stuff (jar of bubbles, etc.) NO candy. I am going to start teaching them good habits, not perpetuate my old bad ones. :)

  3. Oh WOW another good loss you are doing GREAT.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your upcoming week ...sounds fun

    All the best Jan

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I love seafood, however I cant eat prawns as I developed an allergy. I cant wait for a decent piece of white flaky fish.

    1. Chelle adding seafood was a big help with protein

  5. Thank you for sharing your journey. You are doing awesome. I cant wait for fish!


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