Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Weigh-In Post

Last Weeks Weight 186.0
Today's Weight  184.5
Total Loss:  1.5
We were supposed to be sitting on a beach in Florida today, alas the weather didn't cooperate so we cancelled.  It is drizzly outside today but it is supposed to be beautiful for the next week or so. YAY!  Mr. Scale gave me a modest 1.5 pound loss this week.  I will certainly take that with a huge smile.
  • My wedding ring had gotten so uncomfortable tight that I quit wearing it, this week it is actually getting too loose!
  • Went to a conference where they served delicious steak and rich desserts but I choose the healthier 1/3  of a filet of baked fish.   I passed on the loaded baked potato as well as the dessert &  Appletini!
  • I wore pants this week that I could not fit into for 2 years!
Nutrition- This week I succeeded in keeping my protein closer to 80g range.  I lose better when I keep my protein high.  Fresh Strawberries and a roasted Turkey breast were the main staples of my menus this week.  There is nothing better than a bowl of strawberries from our local farmers.  I was right on target in every area of Nutrition.  I logged my foods in MFP everyday without exception. Commitment!
Hydration-  Keeping track of my water is essential right now.  Without tracking I would have been low on a couple days.  I try to check it each evening before bed so I can drink additional water if necessary.  Awareness !
Fitness-I walked a 5k 3X but we missed our "exotic" walk this week due to Easter activities with the kiddies.  I did spend a day working out in my garden which was glorious.  There is room for improvement here!
My Upcoming Week- I received the green light for gym workouts so I am committing to a minimum of 2 strength training sessions my first week.  Our exotic walk will be across a beautiful bridge on Wednesday.  I have to fast on Monday for upcoming blood work to. We also have a breakfast planned on Wednesday but breakfast is not problem for me getting mostly protein.  Easter Sunday is the big unknown as we plan to visit each of our families and not sure if it will be at their homes or include a restaurant.  Not too many obstacles to avoid but I will need to stay fairly flexible this week.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. The weather can be so unreliable but your weight loss is going well


    All the best Jan


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