Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 week Post Op-Surgeon Visit

It's still difficult to believe that 6 weeks have gone by since my surgery.  I have no pain or complications, in fact, I have had NO complications from the beginning.  I credit this to both my wonderful Surgeon who I love to pieces and my strict adherence to his rules and guidelines.  I have done everything by the book, never tried to escalate my food schedule or "test" my limits. 

This visit I wrote down a list of questions to be sure I didn't forget to ask.  I am cleared to eat all foods except steak (4 months).  I am also cleared for all physical activity without exceptions.  I have reduced my blood pressure meds to 1-2 a week, hopefully it will be gone forever as my weight drops. I can continue my estrogen and I requested orders for a complete blood work now and he said he would repeat it again in 3 months.  I take subliminal iron & b12 along with calcium citrate, biotin & Centrum Silver.  With the exception of iron & b12, I was taking all these supplements on my own anyway.

My weight continues to drop except for a one week stall.  I am walking a 5K each day and keeping my protein on the high end near 80 most days.  I am down to one protein drink a day but will continue to strive to get it all from food.   I enjoy an icy cold chocolate protein shake as a treat in the summer so I doubt I will drop them completely.  I follow a low carb diet, no white anything.

A usual day of eating at 6 weeks post op:

Breakfast ~usually consists of  veggie omelets with 1 egg& 1 egg white or protein oatmeal with fruit & nuts
Lunch- some type of Soup with added protein (leftovers)
Supper- Protein & Veggie
Snacks~ 1/2 protein bar or a shake & fruit

Do I feel comfortable in my decision today?  Yes!  This time around is so different from LapBand, no food getting stuck, no more sliming or PBng, no more pain between my ribs, no more discomfort from hitting my port or having fills (not to mention the costs of visits)..... The sleeve was not an option when I made my choice, I was given a choice between bypass & sleeve, and I knew bypass wasn't for me.  I would never recommend the LapBand to anyone today.


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