Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Weigh-In and Atlantic City

No weight loss this week.

Mr. Scale decided not to cooperate this week.  This would be my 2nd stall in 8 weeks, but I am not concerned, why?  Because, I reviewed my MFP diary and I did well in all my areas.  I am walking the walk and talking the talk....I know the losses will come.

I decided to dedicate this week's weigh-in to some awesome NSV's

  • My face, chin and neck area are noticeably smaller. 
  • I can see my shoulder bones
  • I am fitting into clothing 3-4 sizes smaller.  I haven't been able to wear these items in 2 years!
  • Family & Friends are beginning to notice/comment on my progress
  • I am eating healthier than ever
  • I am able to walk 4 miles now and begin gym workouts
  • I am drinking a minimum of 64oz of water daily, sometimes more
  • My sweet Hubby says I don't snore any longer and my breathing when I sleep is so quiet he has to really listen to hear.
  • My tummy is flatter
  • My undies are too big
  • I only take BP meds on an occasional basis now.
  • My nails & skin look better

My NSV list goes on and on.  I actually considered changing my weigh-in from weekly to monthly but the fat person inside me needs the feedback from Mr. Scale.  Seeing the number on the scale go down and even stay the same is inspiring.  I may revisit this thought during maintenance.

Hubby and I are headed to Atlantic City next week. We are staying at Caesars.  Any suggestions on things to do or see?  How about healthy restaurants? Any absolute musts? I am not concerned about what I eat as I am the sodium in the foods.  I can control my sodium when I'm home but it is much more difficult in restaurants, even when eating healthy.  The weather forecast is not optimum for most of our trip so I may have to workout in their fitness room.  I am going to work my program the best I can and hope for the best.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Freezing Fresh Kale

During my trip to our local Farmers Market I bought tons of fresh Kale.  They are so abundant & affordable right now.  I ended up with more than I could prepare so I decided to try freezing them.  It worked beautifully, now I have freezer stocked with kale for use in my recipes.

Preparing Kale for freezing.

1.  First I cut the kale from the stalk, this was really the most time consuming part.

2.  Next I blanched them in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes.  I used my canning pot.

3.  Next, dunk them into ice water for an additional 3 minutes.

4.  I then I grab handfuls and squeeze them into balls about the size of my palm removing as much moisture as possible & placed each section/ball onto a pan.

Flash freeze them until they are hard & keep their shape.  Now I could place the individual balls into one freezer bag for storage.  Now I can grab just what I need without having to defrost a whole bag at one time ;)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday Weigh-In Post

Last Weeks Weight 186.0
Today's Weight  184.5
Total Loss:  1.5
We were supposed to be sitting on a beach in Florida today, alas the weather didn't cooperate so we cancelled.  It is drizzly outside today but it is supposed to be beautiful for the next week or so. YAY!  Mr. Scale gave me a modest 1.5 pound loss this week.  I will certainly take that with a huge smile.
  • My wedding ring had gotten so uncomfortable tight that I quit wearing it, this week it is actually getting too loose!
  • Went to a conference where they served delicious steak and rich desserts but I choose the healthier 1/3  of a filet of baked fish.   I passed on the loaded baked potato as well as the dessert &  Appletini!
  • I wore pants this week that I could not fit into for 2 years!
Nutrition- This week I succeeded in keeping my protein closer to 80g range.  I lose better when I keep my protein high.  Fresh Strawberries and a roasted Turkey breast were the main staples of my menus this week.  There is nothing better than a bowl of strawberries from our local farmers.  I was right on target in every area of Nutrition.  I logged my foods in MFP everyday without exception. Commitment!
Hydration-  Keeping track of my water is essential right now.  Without tracking I would have been low on a couple days.  I try to check it each evening before bed so I can drink additional water if necessary.  Awareness !
Fitness-I walked a 5k 3X but we missed our "exotic" walk this week due to Easter activities with the kiddies.  I did spend a day working out in my garden which was glorious.  There is room for improvement here!
My Upcoming Week- I received the green light for gym workouts so I am committing to a minimum of 2 strength training sessions my first week.  Our exotic walk will be across a beautiful bridge on Wednesday.  I have to fast on Monday for upcoming blood work to. We also have a breakfast planned on Wednesday but breakfast is not problem for me getting mostly protein.  Easter Sunday is the big unknown as we plan to visit each of our families and not sure if it will be at their homes or include a restaurant.  Not too many obstacles to avoid but I will need to stay fairly flexible this week.
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

6 week Post Op-Surgeon Visit

It's still difficult to believe that 6 weeks have gone by since my surgery.  I have no pain or complications, in fact, I have had NO complications from the beginning.  I credit this to both my wonderful Surgeon who I love to pieces and my strict adherence to his rules and guidelines.  I have done everything by the book, never tried to escalate my food schedule or "test" my limits. 

This visit I wrote down a list of questions to be sure I didn't forget to ask.  I am cleared to eat all foods except steak (4 months).  I am also cleared for all physical activity without exceptions.  I have reduced my blood pressure meds to 1-2 a week, hopefully it will be gone forever as my weight drops. I can continue my estrogen and I requested orders for a complete blood work now and he said he would repeat it again in 3 months.  I take subliminal iron & b12 along with calcium citrate, biotin & Centrum Silver.  With the exception of iron & b12, I was taking all these supplements on my own anyway.

My weight continues to drop except for a one week stall.  I am walking a 5K each day and keeping my protein on the high end near 80 most days.  I am down to one protein drink a day but will continue to strive to get it all from food.   I enjoy an icy cold chocolate protein shake as a treat in the summer so I doubt I will drop them completely.  I follow a low carb diet, no white anything.

A usual day of eating at 6 weeks post op:

Breakfast ~usually consists of  veggie omelets with 1 egg& 1 egg white or protein oatmeal with fruit & nuts
Lunch- some type of Soup with added protein (leftovers)
Supper- Protein & Veggie
Snacks~ 1/2 protein bar or a shake & fruit

Do I feel comfortable in my decision today?  Yes!  This time around is so different from LapBand, no food getting stuck, no more sliming or PBng, no more pain between my ribs, no more discomfort from hitting my port or having fills (not to mention the costs of visits)..... The sleeve was not an option when I made my choice, I was given a choice between bypass & sleeve, and I knew bypass wasn't for me.  I would never recommend the LapBand to anyone today.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Friday Weigh-In & Major NSV

Last Weeks Weight 188.5
Today's Weight  186.0
Total Loss:  2.5
I am quite pleased with Mr. Scale today.  I worked really hard on every aspect of my path to healthy.  There were obstacles but I planned ahead and overcame them.  This week I was able to add more foods back into my diet which is making things so much easier.

A wonderful NSV for me this week was in the form of self control while shopping for Easter basket treats for all the children.  Normally my basket would have included one or two bags for myself....That did not happen.  I walked down each aisle filled with yummy delights and ignored the devil on my shoulder who said..."buy just one, what would it hurt?"  MAJOR NSV!!!

Nutrition-  I was able to add my beloved seafood back into my diet this week.  This is huge because we live on the Gulf Coast where seafood is abundant and a major staple in our diets. I couldn't partake of the corn yet but everything else was a green light.
With the addition of seafood comes much needed iron, B12, potassium and protein.  It is still my goal to get my nutrients from foods so that I can discontinue supplements.  I do love chocolate protein shakes but would prefer them to be an occasional treat rather than everyday.  Another good/poor addition to my diet this week is protein bars.  I ordered some Quest protein bars in the brownie and the cookies & crΓ¨me flavors weeks ago in anticipation of adding them to my plan.  One day this week I was unexpectedly out the entire day without access to any food and my protein bar was very convenient.  What I didn't expect was for them to taste so good, I soon found myself wanting another and another.  The bars may become a binge food and I will have to figure out a strategy for portion control.

Hydration-I am having no problems getting my 64oz of water each day.  In fact, most days I had much more.  My water always increases in the warmer months of summer, YAY!

Fitness-I have walked every day including two 5K's this week.  I had 2 days at the gym using the elliptical, lifecycle and even did some light dumbbells.  

A peek at my upcoming week.  This week is Spring Break for the grandkids so they will be here much of the time.  A mini vacay to Orange Beach, AL is planned along with spring shopping trips, gardening with my youngest and perhaps a fishing trip.  I also have my one month post-op visit with my Surgeon on Wednesday.  I hope to get the all clear for more gym work but I think he will likely want me to wait 6 weeks.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Month Post-Op

My surgery is a distant blur now with exception of an occasional soreness where my port was removed.  I have to wonder how much worse it would have been had I waited for more scar tissue to grow around my port.  Honestly, if not for my port incision I would be completely pain free.

Nutrition- I am logging my foods & trying very hard to keep my protein around 80 & water @ 64oz.  Getting more of my protein from foods has become easier as I am now able to include eggs & fresh fruit.

Fitness- I am now walking a 5K each morning with my Hubby.  Working out with very light weights at the gym 3 days a week. My energy increases each day.

I am pleased with my weightloss so far and excited to continue on my new path to a healthy lifestyle.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Weekly Weighin

Last Weeks Weight 188.5
Today's Weight  188.5
Total Loss:  0
This week I hit the inevitable weightloss stall.  I was expecting it after 3 straight weeks of awesome losses.  Emotionally I was prepared and honestly just relieved that it wasn't a gain.  I have seen others have small gains after weeks with large losses.  After 5 years of weekly weighins I have come to grips with my scale fetish and it no longer ruins my whole week.  I weighin, I log it, I blog it then move on.
Fitness~ I have increased my walks to 2.5 miles this week.  I'd like to increase to a 5k each day.  Also began the gym 3x a week.  I stuck with my 3lb weights because I am unable to do any ab exercises until 6 weeks out.  I also added elliptical and bike this week.  Hubby and I also try to do what we call exotic walks once a week.  It may be over a lovely bridge, through a local park or on the beach, just to spice it up.
Nutrition~I am able to eat more foods this week.  Well cooked veggies, beans, cheeses and eggs.  I am still off all sugar and stay away from any other carbs.  I am having no trouble keeping my protein 60-80g per day and I always to well with water when it is warmer weather.
I am very happy with my progress so far and looking forward to this new path my life has taken.