Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In Post

Last Weeks Weight:  195.5                                   This Weeks Weight:  192

-3.5 lb Loss
Happy Spring!
Everyday I feel stronger and in less pain from my incisions.  I am able to walk 40 minutes without any discomfort.  The weather has been beautiful.  Next week I plan to add a little Wii Fit to the mixture, mainly the step routine.

My diet may now include unsweetened applesauce, greek yogurts and cottage cheese.  So far I have not experienced any problems eating any of them, other than a little tightening as it goes down.  The feeling reminds me of the soreness I would experience when I add fill during my lap-band days so I credit the pain to swelling.  As I am allowed to add foods to my diet I am being cautious not to add fake food.  For instance, SF pudding is allowed right now, but there is no nutritional value to add it to my diet.  I never ate it before, why should I add this fake food now?  I will add items when it is allowed in its natural form.  I did buy the applesauce initially, but going forward I will make my own.

I am getting in my 64ox of water now without much difficulty. 

I discontinued my blood pressure meds since I arrived home from surgery.  Each morning I note my monitor readings, if it goes up, I will try 1/2 pill, but so far it has been stable.

My granddaughters will be visiting today and staying for the weekend.  I am looking forward to enjoying this gorgeous spring weather with them.  The rest of week seem uneventful, I don't expect any challenges with my very limited diet.  


  1. Glad things are going well and I'm glad you are checking in!!

  2. You are doing well .... so Happy Spring ....and Happy Visit from your granddaughters

    All the best Jan

  3. I felt the EXACT same way about SF pudding! I thought it was kind of silly to eat it especially since I wasn't a fan of it much before surgery. Enjoy your granddaughters!

  4. Sounds like you're doing great! I am as well. Let's keep these good feelings going!


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