Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 8 - Post Op

Each morning I wake up feeling less pain.  Today was an exceptionally great morning because I was allowed my morning cup of coffee with a little soy milk & stevia.  OMGosh I missed my morning cup of Joe.  I like an occasional cup of herbal tea, especially some chamomile in the evening, but in the morning I love the smell of coffee.  All was right in the world once I've enjoyed that cup!

Today I have moved onto full liquids.  I drank my first chocolate protein shake and it was a wonderful change from the clear isopure & clear chicken protein broth I was drinking.  I am one who enjoys smoothies and protein shakes.  I love to be creative with different flavorings and ingredients.  Protein shakes/smoothies were always sliders for me.  I would drink some yummy concoction I came up with and be hungry again because it didn't stay in my tummy long.  I will have to watch should it become a problem down the road, but for now.....I am enjoying them.

I've been increasing the length of walks each day and can do about 25 minutes 4x a day now.  I will probably be doing 30 minute walks by end of the week.  I'm anxious to start some strength training to protect from muscle loss but I know I am not there yet and don't want to push it.

I keep a water bottle near me at all times, sipping throughout the day and having no trouble getting my water in.  Yesterday Hubby and I shopped for some groceries for my next stage which starts on Thursday.  I bought some greek yogurt, cottage cheese, SF greek yogurt frozen bars and some SF pudding.  I am to try one item at a time and wait to see if I have any reactions before moving onto the next...Exciting stuff right? lol

Live is Good!



  1. It sounds like you are doing great!!!

  2. Hey there, thanks for following my blog! I keep trying to "follow" yours and Google tells me to come back later. I will keep trying, though it's been a few days already. You sound like you are doing great! Congrats

    1. I tried to see if there were any account settings related to following but there is none, I think it's just blogger messing up, please keep trying ;)


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