Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 3-Post Op

I am still drinking clear liquids, protein and soups.  My mouth is still dry all the time.  I am feeling sorry for myself.   I really do hope I have done the right thing.  Sometimes I wonder if it would have been so bad to be obese during last years of my life.  I am down in the dumps today, not sure why.

My doctor called me yesterday to check on me.  He is really is a nice guy.


  1. you are just having an off day sweetie, hang in there you will be looking back at this post in months to come and you will be happy with your decision

  2. Take it easy! Speedy recovery!

  3. Check out Katie Jay's website: national association for weight loss surgery, her words of wisdom helped me so much. I had a chance to meet her, she is so inspiring and she let me hug the stuffing out of her :)

    Each day will get better.

  4. Surgery is hard on the body!!! You not feeling great seems pretty normal. Hope your feeling better tomorrow.

  5. This too shall pass ...........I promise! Take very good care of yourself.....


  6. Everyone has days like that, no matter which path we choose. Just got to keep fighting!


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