Monday, March 31, 2014

3 weeks-post op

My hospital stay is a distant blur now.  My incisions are still healing with some scabs.  I still have some tenderness on my left side, doesn't really hurt, just a pulling if I bendover too fast or too far.

Healthy Eating-I'm able to add well cooked soft veggies like string beans, squash, beans, asparagus tips & carrots back into my diet this week.  I'm keeping my protein mostly around 70grams.  I found out that hummus is going to be a problem food for me.  I love the stuff too much, I mean it is healthier than some others binge foods I eat but I will have to buy it occasionally to keep it under control.

Fitness- I'm still walking mostly 3x a day . Today I replaced my noon walk with 20 mins on elliptical
& life cycle at the gym just to see how it felt.  I was surprised how quickly I tired so I will try to continue while slowly increasing levels/time.


Friday, March 28, 2014

TGIF Weekly Weigh-In Post

Last Weeks Weight 192.0
Today's Weight  188.5
Total Loss:  -3.5
I started my weekly weigh-In posts in 2009.  Even during periods when I was binging, I forced myself to get on that scale and record the number, good or bad.  I'm not going to lie, when I was making poor choices and not exercising, it was very difficult to step on that scale.  Accountability for my health is an important lifestyle change I made back then.  It didn't necessarily stop me from spiraling out of control but at least I was doing it with both eyes open.
Along the way I have made some good lifestyle changes.  Not enough to get my weight under control or exercise when I should, but good changes none the less. 
  •  Sodas have been gone from my life for 5 years now, I gave it up and never looked back.
  • Hubby and I both gave up artificial sweeteners due to headaches and heart burn.  It's been 2 years now.  We like a teaspoon of sugar in our morning cup of joe so we switched to table sugar, only slightly  better but we try to keep it the only sugar in our diets.  Two weeks ago, I started researching stevia and started using pure stevia drops in my coffee, its not as sweet but its working, Hubby didn't want to try it so he is still on table sugar.
  • We eat less carbs, we have no desire to be carb free but we have switched to brown/wild rice, whole wheat breads and pasta and sweet potatoes replaced our white ones.
  • I eat less processed foods, started buying our milk and some cheese from a local dairy that does not homogenize.  We buy organic from local farmers markets and farms whenever possible.
Nutrition:  We do not strive to be perfect in our quest for a healthier lifestyle.  We do not wish to have forbidden foods, instead we are trying to make conscious choices.  Right now I strive to keep my calories @1200 per day, I do not subtract for workouts.  But tracking helps me to keep my protein high, I strive for 60-80g of protein.  I also like to review my food choices to analyze nutrients to be sure I am getting ample iron and b12.  I don't know if tracking will always be a part of our new healthy lifestyle, it has become simpler with smart phones. For now, I need the information it provides.  I still have a really long way to go to be considered healthy, but I am trying!
Fitness:  I have increased my walks to 2 miles 3x a day.  I am not allowed to gym for 3 more weeks but yesterday I tried some light squats.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2 weeks-Post Op

I can hardly believe it has only been two weeks.  The pain is gone with the exception of a tightening in my tummy when I eat.   My incisions still have scabs but they are healing quickly.  No one would even be able to tell that I had surgery today.

I am walking 3x a day, 45 minutes, 30 minutes and 15 minutes.  Today I am adding stretches and some light resistance band workouts.  Even though I feel like I could do some light gym work, my doctor wants me to wait 4 weeks.  I am considering do some very light arm weights, just to get my arm muscles some use.  I will avoid all abdominal workouts.

My appetite is non existent.  My head hunger is still very much alive and kicking.  Even though I know that I am not hungry, smells can still make my mouth water.  I know I will certainly have much head work to do along my journey.  This week I was able to begin eating oatmeal, sweet potatoes and small white potatoes.  I have been sticking to protein fortified oatmeal right now to get my protein in but once I am able to eat other protein, I will switch to plain oatmeal.  I baked a sweet potato, removed the skin, sprinkled it with pumpkin spice and eat very small bites.  I was able to eat 1/4 of it the first time.  The next meal I was able to eat a bit more.  Tonight I will make rosemary potatoes.

I managed to get my calories into the 900's today.  It will be necessary to get my intake to about 1200 per day before I can increase my workout intensity.  My recovery seems to be going very well.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In Post

Last Weeks Weight:  195.5                                   This Weeks Weight:  192

-3.5 lb Loss
Happy Spring!
Everyday I feel stronger and in less pain from my incisions.  I am able to walk 40 minutes without any discomfort.  The weather has been beautiful.  Next week I plan to add a little Wii Fit to the mixture, mainly the step routine.

My diet may now include unsweetened applesauce, greek yogurts and cottage cheese.  So far I have not experienced any problems eating any of them, other than a little tightening as it goes down.  The feeling reminds me of the soreness I would experience when I add fill during my lap-band days so I credit the pain to swelling.  As I am allowed to add foods to my diet I am being cautious not to add fake food.  For instance, SF pudding is allowed right now, but there is no nutritional value to add it to my diet.  I never ate it before, why should I add this fake food now?  I will add items when it is allowed in its natural form.  I did buy the applesauce initially, but going forward I will make my own.

I am getting in my 64ox of water now without much difficulty. 

I discontinued my blood pressure meds since I arrived home from surgery.  Each morning I note my monitor readings, if it goes up, I will try 1/2 pill, but so far it has been stable.

My granddaughters will be visiting today and staying for the weekend.  I am looking forward to enjoying this gorgeous spring weather with them.  The rest of week seem uneventful, I don't expect any challenges with my very limited diet.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 8 - Post Op

Each morning I wake up feeling less pain.  Today was an exceptionally great morning because I was allowed my morning cup of coffee with a little soy milk & stevia.  OMGosh I missed my morning cup of Joe.  I like an occasional cup of herbal tea, especially some chamomile in the evening, but in the morning I love the smell of coffee.  All was right in the world once I've enjoyed that cup!

Today I have moved onto full liquids.  I drank my first chocolate protein shake and it was a wonderful change from the clear isopure & clear chicken protein broth I was drinking.  I am one who enjoys smoothies and protein shakes.  I love to be creative with different flavorings and ingredients.  Protein shakes/smoothies were always sliders for me.  I would drink some yummy concoction I came up with and be hungry again because it didn't stay in my tummy long.  I will have to watch should it become a problem down the road, but for now.....I am enjoying them.

I've been increasing the length of walks each day and can do about 25 minutes 4x a day now.  I will probably be doing 30 minute walks by end of the week.  I'm anxious to start some strength training to protect from muscle loss but I know I am not there yet and don't want to push it.

I keep a water bottle near me at all times, sipping throughout the day and having no trouble getting my water in.  Yesterday Hubby and I shopped for some groceries for my next stage which starts on Thursday.  I bought some greek yogurt, cottage cheese, SF greek yogurt frozen bars and some SF pudding.  I am to try one item at a time and wait to see if I have any reactions before moving onto the next...Exciting stuff right? lol

Live is Good!


Monday, March 17, 2014

One Week Post Op Check up...

This first week has flown by.  While the first days were very very tough, the weekend started looking up and today I feel great.  I now take 20 minute walks 4x a day.  I am having no problems with gas or nausea.  I still have some tenderness as my body heal.  I am getting 80g protein each day.

My appt today was with my NP.  She removed the tape that was still on my incisions.  She said my lungs sounded clear.  She added iron supplements to my multivitamins & calcium.  I hope to find my nutrition from food once I am cleared to eat regular food.

This week I am able to add full protein shakes and creamed soups,  which would be a awesome break from the clear liquids I have been on .  On Thursday I will be able to try some yogurt.

Oh and and I can try my morning cup of JOE I've missed him!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 6-Post-Op

Thanks for all the words of encouragement .  What a difference three days can make!

I have Very little pain now, mostly just sore around incisions.   I am walking up & down my street several times a day, extending my walks slightly each day.  I feel very optimistic today.  Following Doctors instructions precisely.  Onward!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 3-Post Op

I am still drinking clear liquids, protein and soups.  My mouth is still dry all the time.  I am feeling sorry for myself.   I really do hope I have done the right thing.  Sometimes I wonder if it would have been so bad to be obese during last years of my life.  I am down in the dumps today, not sure why.

My doctor called me yesterday to check on me.  He is really is a nice guy.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 2- Post OP

Last night was rough, tossed & turned even with pain killers.  I feel sorry for my Hubby because I know he didn't get much sleep either.  I have bee sipping on Isopure alpine puch & unjury chicken broth.  I am keeping up with my walks.  I am quite surprised at how long it will be before I can eat real food.  I'm also practicing my deep breathing exercise?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 1 - home

My blood work came out good so they discharged me today.  My tummy is a little sore around the incisions but that only pain I feeling right now.  I have sip 4-5 oz of clear liquids for the first 7 days.  I bought some unjury chicken flavored broth mix.  It's pretty good.  I am to take nausea meds until I see my doctor again next Monday.  He also prescribed some pain meds, but I will only take them at night. My tummy is swollen from the gas so I have to walk, walk, walk, sip, sip, sip.

My mouth still feels like cotton, hope that goes away soon YUCK!  I was surprised at how my hunger comes back whenever I smell food even though I am do not feel like eating anything at all.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Ok, my last few Posts have been all over the place.  Get sleeved don't get sleeved but remove the lap band either way.  When I got to the hospital they had me down for sleeve and or band removal.  my wonderful surgeon sat me down and listen to all my concerns.  He said that lap band people who got the sleeve was generally very happy, he's never had anyone to go through having a sleeve that regretted it.

So I did it, I'm sleeved.  My surgeon also said that I have a problem with my intestines,that they're not where they should be.  My intestines out what were adhered to scar tissue from my gallbladder surgery 15 years ago.  He said I may end up in another surgery down the road to correct it.

Now it's time to work that sleeve and lose the weight that I need to stay healthy for my family my husband and my grandkids.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Band removal surgery

Today is all clear liquids with nothing after midnight in preparation for surgery.  My thoughts are all over the place as I prepare for it.  Earlier today I was angry with myself for getting a LapBand in the first place.  Why did I do this to myself?  Why can't I just push away from the table and stop gaining weight?  I will be 55 years old this summer and still cannot control my addiction to food.  What is wrong with me?

Later during the day, my thoughts were more along the line of .....why did I cancel my sleeve surgery after jumping through so many hoops to get insurance approval?  I have been battling my weight since I was 15 years old.  Up & down like a yo-yo.  What makes me think that I will be better off trying to lose weight on my own now than I was in the last 40 years of my life? I have gained and lost 50 pounds more times than I can count.  Perhaps I am just doomed to die from diabetes complications like my Mother and Grandmother.

Alas, my choice has been made and I will have no choice but to try my best to get back to a healthy weight and to exercise on my own.   Eating properly is not my only obstacle.  I need to get off the couch and move my azz or nothing good will come of my life.

I will keep on keeping on and pray for God to give me the strength and willpower to change my is all that I can do.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight:  202.0                                   This Weeks Weight:  201.1

1.0 lb Loss

I was not home Friday morning, so my weekly weigh-In is Saturday morning.  It was great to see I have actually lost one pound while on vacation to DisneyWorld.  I am quite sure all that walking helped.

Now that I have made the decision not to be sleeved, much of my paranoia and nervousness has gone.  I still have to go through surgery Monday morning but I am not having more than half of my stomach amputated.  I still pray I have made the right choice.  Right now I am confident and determined to finally overcome my lifelong battle with obesity without surgery, but I have been at this my whole life.  Enough to know it's not going to be that easy.

My biggest tools now are blogging, fitnesspal food log and the support of my awesome husband.  Those are three powerful tools to have.  I would like to find a monthly support group if possible.

Tomorrow I plan to take before pictures, even though I'm not being sleeved, it is still a new beginning for me.  A chance to get back on my path to healthier lifestyle choices.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Doing it the old-fashioned way....

After much prayers and soul-searching I have decided NOT to have weight-loss surgery on Monday.   My wonderful hubby and I agreed that the risks are just not worth it for me. I have told my doctor that I would still like to have the lap band removed due to the complications.

This means I will continue on my journey the old-fashioned way, through exercise, tracking my calories intake, and following a low-carb diet.  I hope and pray that I have made the right decision.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Discovered the PERFECT workout!

Go on vacation to Disney World and walk (sometimes run) with kids around the parks 12-14 hours, sleep, wakeup at sunrise....and repeat for a week!

OMG, What a great way to jump start my Spring training goal  ;)