Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Becoming The new 2.0 Dee

Becoming a new healthier 2.0 version of myself is going to take some time, but there are some improvements I have taken prior to my Gastric Sleeve surgery..

Today I got a new fresher haircut, it's shorter & more stylish.

No more grains in my house! All gone.  No bread, no pasta, no grains to tempt.

Each morning I start my day with a fresh veggie omelet made with whatever veggies are in my fridge.  I add a little chia seeds for extra protein.  I have also began trying new imported cheeses to add variety.

Lunch is usually soups or fruit.

Hubby & I have began eating fish & various steamed veggies 2/3 times each week.

I feel good about these new changes ;)


  1. Excellent changes!! Let's see the sassy new cut! :)

  2. Love the sound of your changes ...

    All the best Jan


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