Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekly Weighin

Last Weeks Weight:  195.5                                    This Weeks Weight:  195.0

.5 lb Loss
I fell off the path to healthy this week.  I am trying so hard to dust myself off and continue.  I need to remember this is a lifelong journey and I will not be perfect all the time.  In my quest to remove grains from my diet, I have discontinued having bread in the house (much to Hubby's dismay).  Giving up grains is really hard...the cravings are enormous and always there.  I was not perfect, I had popcorn at a movie theatre and I had some wheat thins. 
I didn't swim this week due to a infection that seems to have cleared up now.  The pain made it difficult for any type of walking or bike riding so my fitness was null this week.  I did not expect any loss, I was quite surprised to see the 1/2 pound loss. but I did not gain which was a miracle.
Hubby will be gone on a trip this week so I will have to rely on myself to follow the healthy path and not stray.
My goals for this week.
*I will start C2K program
*swim (if water temperature allows)
*bike riding
*no grains


  1. "follow the healthy path and not stray"

    Keep true to your words.

    All the best Jan.

  2. Hope all is well with you

    All the best Jan


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