Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Weighin - Who loses weight while on vacation?

Last Weeks Weight:  198.0                                    This Weeks Weight:  197.0

1 lb Loss
This girl does!!!  Ok, it was only one pound, but the important thing is... I DID NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT WHILE ON VACATION.
No, I was not at all perfect with my choices.  I had a few homemade frozen cocktails, but I budgeted my calories for them.  I had treats, again...I counted the calories and budgeted for them.  When I made a choice that was not healthy, it was with my eyes wide open.  I ate it and then got right back on the path to healthy.  I did not let any poor choices give me an excuse to binge the rest of my vacation. 
I exercised with fun things like hour long walks on the beach, swimming.  I am happy with myself. Onward!
Yesterday I did a psych evaluation regarding bariatric surgery.  I resented the tiny (size 0) psychiatrist telling me what I was doing wrong.  I have battled my weight 30+ years.  I know what is healthy and what is not.  I think anyone who has been on yo-yo diets knows what we SHOULD eat.  So what makes it so hard for me to continue on this road?  Why do I lose weigh only to regain it again?  This psychiatrist gave me absolutely no insight on this problem.  What a waste of money. 
I am having second thoughts about having WLS.   I am worried about possible complications.  The fact that I am slowly chipping away at my weight on my own is also a reason.    I am scared not to follow through with surgery...what if I fall down again? Will I be able to pick myself up again?  What is so wrong with me that I can watch my family members have limbs amputated and still I struggle to eat healthy & exercise......So much to think about.


  1. Hi Dee, Congrats on 1 pound. Leigh Costa at Poonapaloosa rethought weight loss surgery and succeeded at accomplishing it on her own. I have a sister and sister-in-law that both had lap band surgery years ago, lost a bunch of weight, but managed to gain it all back. I don't believe there is an easy solution. Good luck!

    1. Surgery is not an easy solution & it does not remove the necessity to eat healthy & exercise. I am very undecided.

    2. Good for you Ms. Dee... keep on thinking it over... the answer will come!

  2. Hey one pound loss on vacation - well done.

    I agree with your thoughts that "surgery is not an easy solution" ... and yes ..."So much to think about"

    Here's wishing you all the best Jan


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