Monday, September 9, 2013

DAY 1 - Indian Rocks Beach

September 8,2013

This morning we had our morning coffee on the patio as we watched the sunrise.

We hit a bit of bump before our morning beach walk when we locked ourselves out of the condo.  Of course it's Sunday so we had to wait  a bit for someone to let us in.  We took turns walking & after we got our key we swam laps.

Breakfast was leftover pancakes & bacon with fat free milk. Not great choice, but I budgeted for it.

After breakfast we visited a local flea market, it was huge! We bought fresh veggies & grouper.

Lunch was an apple & turkey & Swiss rolls while watching football.

For Supper  cooked our grouper & veggies. So far blogging while on vacation has helped tremendously !

* logged all my foods
* fitness -check
* made awesome meal choices
* no alcohol today


Words of Encouragement