Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Weighin & some Air Supply

Last Weeks Weight:  203.0                                     This Weeks Weight:  201.5

1.5 lb Loss!

Blogging- Blogging has become so much fun again.  I've gotten some great tips, recipes & inspiration from all your blogs.  It feels so good to know others share in my goals to stay fit & live a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.  Staying under the 1400 calories limit set by my dietitian has not been difficult, the exception being yesterday.  I made some very poor food choices yesterday.  I prepared myself mentally thinking Mr.Scale may not react too kindly to my high calories yesterday or the extra salt from those choices.  We are eating plenty fish and I do not feel deprived at all.

 FRI : 1056 SAT: 1184 SUN: 1453 MON: 1282 TUE: 1388 WED: 1322 THU: 2006

Exercise - I Swam Laps 2X , strength training  1X & added Flexibility 1X

Water - I continue to do well with my water but I need to work harder at tracking it.

My Life- This week was filled with wonderful things.  Friday was my birthday & Hubby bought me a beautiful lawn swing I had been requesting. 

 I love sitting on it in the evening to reflect on life.  He also treated me to dinner at a great restaurant (I had yummy stuffed flounder).  Afterwards he surprised me with tickets to see Air Supply!! 

WOW did their songs bring back so many sweet memories of my youth! 

Yesterday I brought the granddaughters back to school shopping.  We will do a little more today and then see the Smurfs movie.  My daughter will pick them up on Saturday and we can stick a fork in their summer break for this year.  I do not expect any obstacles or bumps in my road to healthy this week.  I hope the scale agrees with me next time :)


  1. My wife loves Air Supply and all their love songs:)

  2. I LOVE Air Supply! I drug my friend to go see them when they were close and we had such fun. I was shocked to see people my age and younger there!


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