Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Weigh-In, Keeping my eye on the prize

Last Weeks Weight:  201.5                                    This Weeks Weight:  202.0
.5 lb Gain!
I procrastinated today on writing this post.  I was discouraged because the scale showed a gain.  The truth is, I know exactly why.  I made several poor food choices this week and the scale will not hide it.  I had to remind myself again today that this is a lifestyle choice I intend to live with until I die.  My goal is to continue to strive to make healthy food choices and stay active to avoid diabetes.  While I do hope to see weightloss from my lifestyle, the scale is secondary to my goal of living healthy.
I am going to concentrate on healthy choices I made last week:
I swam laps 4X
I did strength training 1X
I had 1-2 servings of fresh veggies all 7 days
I ate fruit all 7 days
I am now careful to consume as much water as possible every day.
I have eliminated all canned foods (DHA) from my diet.
I ate fresh fish 2x
I now choose organic fat free milk instead of whole milk
My protein range was 60-80g each day
When I did eat carbs, I choose whole wheat...EVERY TIME!
I accomplished all these healthy choices even on busy stressful days when my grandchildren were visiting.
While the scale may not show it...I also made many good choices this week!  I will continue to this road to healthy living!


  1. Congrats on no more canned foods! The only canned foods I eat (occasionally) are beets and black olives.

    1. The sodium is so high in canned foods, not to mention the DHA contamination!

  2. That was a WHOLE LOT of good choices. Keep at it!


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