Monday, July 1, 2013

Swimming & Delicious Sweet Corn

My Sunday was a busy day.  Hubby and I swam laps in the pool for 30 minutes.  My strokes are getting better and I slowly increasing my total laps each day.    Afterwards we bought 20 ears of fresh corn for $4.

Freezing corn is going to help my efforts to eat cleaner.  Canned veggies have so much sodium and contaminated with PBA.  Eliminating PBA is a challenge because it is in so many products, but I am making the effort to reduce our exposure.  When I was a working Mother, I barely had time to open a can & heat it, much less provide fresh produce to my family.  Now that I'm retired....I am making it a priority.

Hubby removed the husks from the corn and I saved some of best corn husks to use later to make some healthy chicken tamales. 


I blanched them in boiling water and immediately transferred them into a bowl of ice water.

Next, Hubby helped me cut the kernels for freezing. 
Look how much sweet delicious corn we got from just 20 ears! NO SODIUM, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO BPA EXPOSURE, NO INGREDIENTS WE CAN'T PRONOUNCE. 
Just delicious sweet corn, yummmmy! 



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