Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Weigh-In

Last Weeks Weight:  203.0                                     This Weeks Weight:  203.0

No Gain/Loss!

Blogging- Blogging is beginning to become a part of my life again.  Putting my SV and NSV's in black and white for myself keeps me accountable.  This week I plan to add a scale to the top of  my blog again to keep me aware of my goals.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.   1500 calories was very easy to keep, dropping to 1400 per my Dietitian's advise will be my goal this coming week.  My veggies seem to be lagging so I will pay more attention to that area.

 FRI : 1227SAT: 1472 SUN: 993 MON: 1127 TUE: 1499 WED: 1360 THU: 1574

Exercise - I walked 1X, Swam Laps 4X but missed strength training.  ST will be a priority this week.

Water -Water is doing good, although I need to focus on logging it this week

My Life-I lost much of my MOJO this week.  Watched too many video's and need to really kick but around my house this coming week.  No grandkids to blame it on, although I did dog sit this week. 

My focus for this coming week!


  1. Hi! New follower here! Always glad to find someone new to journey this course to better health with!

  2. Swimming is such good exercise! I wish I would do that more.


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