Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday weigh-in

Last Weeks Weight:  205.5                                       This Weeks Weight:  205.0

.5 Loss!

Blogging- I did very well with my blogging this week.  I didn't post everyday, but I did better than usual.  Posting on my blog is becoming fun again.

Nutrition-I logged all my food this week.  The challenge for me was logging poor choices.  I find that increasing my calorie intake from 1200 to 1500 seemed like too much food.  I honestly feel its impossible for me to lose eating that much calories.  That said, I am trying to follow my dietitian recommendations as much as possible.  I have been really watching my protein, adding a couple of protein shakes when it was low.  My most difficult  day was Tuesday when we ate crabs.  I made adjustments in my meals in preparation for eating them but they just have so many calories :(

 FRI : -56 SAT: -410 SUN: -314 MON-69  :TUE:+523 WED: +36 THU: -52

Exercise - I walked 3X, Swam Laps 4X and did strength training  1X

Water - I did very well with my water this week, not perfect, but very close to perfect.

My Life- This week seemed to fly by even though we did not have the grandkids.  I spent some much needed quality time with Hubby.  Had a date night 4th of July, went to see The Heat, very funny movie and then went to beach to watch the firework shows.  We had to leave early because the went was blowing making the sand sting.  It was a good week.

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