Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dietitian Consultation #2 of 4 (Flexibility)

Today was my second Dietitian Consult with Melissa.  I provided her with printout of my food log from myfitnesspal.  I expressed my feelings that 1500 calories was high for me.  Most days I did not reach it.  It was far more than I am used to eating during my lapband days.  She agreed that I should lower my daily caloric intake to 1400 per day.   She also asked me to keep focusing on high protein choices each day.

Next we talked about my exercise plan.  Melissa said my swimming has been doing great things for my muscles.  She advised me to continue to do strength training 1-2 times a week and to add a day of either Pilates or yoga for flexibility. She told me I could look for YouTube videos to try at home if I didn't want to jump into a full blown class right away.  So increasing my  flexibility is to be my focus over the next month!!


  1. Hi Dee - what does that mean..."far more than I am used to eating during my lapband days."(?) Can the lapband be removed? I honestly know very little about them, and my sister and a sister-in-law have both had the lapband surgery. I don't want to pry with them, but will ask you:)

  2. Hi Marc, I am still banded but had the fluid removed which basically is the same as not having one. Yes the band can be completely removed. When the band was filled and working properly, I could only eat a cup of food and struggled to eat 1200 calories. I had to concentrate on protein first. The band was great when it worked but I soon had terrible experiences with acid reflux & pain....I hope to have it removed soon.


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