Friday, June 7, 2013

Weigh-In Friday report

Last Weeks Weight: 203.5                                           This Weeks Weight:  203.5


Blogging- This week has been very much up and down.  The grandkids were only here 4 days which left me time for writing my blog on time :)  Gain or Loss, blogging is definitely keeping me aware.

Nutrition-As I reported last week, I made the switch from Loseit! to FitnessPal  app and it has worked out wonderfully.  I do not think I had to manually add any foods at all.  Logging is becoming more of a habit again, I have gone back to add forgotten foods from the previous day.  I feel something missing when I don't log.  I do have reminders set up should I forget to log and that is helping. NSV: I do find myself making the effort to try low fat/sugar alternative recipes.

FRI : +49 SAT:+405  SUN:+186   MON+256 :TUE+91 :WED+174:THU: +272

Exercise-Swam 2X this week.

Water - Need more water!

MY life - We ate out 5x this week, of course that is never again thing when it comes to healthy eating.  I know the right thing to do would be to order a salad, but I cannot make myself do it.  There is room for improvement in the area of Eating Out.  This upcoming week has several challenges, The Kids, Hubby's birthday and our anniversary.  The kids are a challenge because we have more junk in the house when they are here.  Hubby's birthday might be my opportunity to order a salad. 

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